Lame Day Preview: The Ottawa New Old New Jersey Devils vs. The Calgary Last Year’s Sens’ Season

*Doing a Sudoku 4 kidz* OH…what are you doing here? Im sorry I wasn’t expecting anyone to show up….lemme just put some pantelons on!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kayyyyyyyyyy… *shuffles paper*

So let’s seeeee here, the Sens look to extend their infinity game losing streak against the Calgary 2009-2010 Sens who I suppose are looking to go on a 10 game win streak
and then have Jerome Spezza draw back into their line up and go on a scoring streak?
Meanwhile, Jarrko Ruutu is the LATEST player to hate Cory Clouston’s guts and remains a scratch. Whew boy…players’ coach.
Side discussion: Clouston TOO easy to hate?

Well, at least Kovalev’s being given every chance to get moved while Peter Regin only has two months left to pot his 3rd goal of the year (I predicted 20 from him this season for those keeping track, yeh, thats right…20).
Now this:

On a more positive note: We get another look at Bobby Butler and Jim O’Brien who have been called up  
On a negative note: its because Alfredsson* and Winchester are injured. (*Alfie Update: Apparently quite Badly.)
On a positive note: …
On a negative note: Brian Elliot does not start this game.  At worst, he’ll only play A BUNCH of the game.
On a positive note: Something about draft picks.

Enjoy the game! Heh heh…ahhhh….seriously though…game.

UPDATE: “Oh Brother” – Charles Brown


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