James Day Preview: Raleigh “Let’s Get Tropical!” Storms vs. Ottawa Decisions

How can you NOT go with this picture?

Very excited about tonight’s game for some reason!
I could be wrong but don’t the Hurricanes hand the Sens their asses a lot of the time? I seem to remember being very mad Jussi Jokinen, Tuomo Ruutu and Joe Corvo a bunch of times over the past few seasons. You never know whats going to happen though as our boys tend to beat up on the Flyers and we all know how THAT just went.
“That’s why they have them play the games, that’s whyyyyyyyyyyy they have them plaaaaaaay the games” – Jonathan Taylor Thomas Tinks
For me, I think it’s New Players, New coach, New Whathaveyou. Forever Heritage White. All In. All Off White.
I try not to get too caught up in the long term records between teams, I mean, what am I doing here? Following a hockey team or simulating a season of NHL 12 for my Atari Jaguar?

Battle of the Bambinos: So, you may have heard this already but something-something Mika Zibanejad only has 9 wishes remaining before he glerpdeederps back to Switzerland. Personally, I think our boy is getting sent back but I wouldn’t diarrhea my pants if they kept him. One thing I am sure about is that I would absolutely LOVE to see him score one tonight. It would be great for morale to just to get that monkey off his back regardless of whether he sticks or sails.
On the other side Jeff “Guy Who Everyone Uses as an Example for Keeping an 18 Year Old Rookie Around When Talking About Zibanejad” Skinner leads a Raleigh team that has Eric Staal, Juicy Jokinen and a bunch of other people who should probably be ahead of him in scoring on it. Yipes, kid continues to impress. Should be fun to get the opportunity to watch him as you KNOW you cant be bothered to watch a Hurricanes game otherwise. Fun Faktt: Eric Staal is a team worst minus 10 right now.

Battle of the Star Galacticas: Cam Ward, the Eric Staal of goalies – as in very, very good player that is no one’s favorite player, squares off against Craig Granderson. Ward is enjoying a typically solid season with a 2.81GAA – and despite being on a pretty whatev’s squadron is rocking a Skeelo-In-1995-Hot 1.94GAA/.948PCT in his last two games. Anderson, along with his teammates, is enjoying a two game unbeaten streak, BUT as former Vice President Guy From Smashmouth once said, “all that glitters aint gooOOooOoooOold*” as Anderson did not exactly steal those games and was bailed out on some inconsistent play. Will only shooting stars break the mold (wtf is that guy on about?) or will Tomas Kaberle capitalize on the fact that he looks like a cartoon? Only time will tell.

Achilies Heel Watch: For Ottawa, Daddy Alfredsson will be noticeably absent tonight. Though he hasn’t been jazzhanding up the scoresheet per se, anyone who’s been watching the Sens play consistently knows that Herr Papa is often straw that stirs the defensively sound mocktail. Whiiiiich is still completely terrifying considering his age. Get well overnight soon! I am looking for the quietly-doing-pretty-well-so-far Colin Greening or Eric Condra (the OTHER Colin Greening) to pick up the slack while Alfredsson rests and he and wife Bibi (real name) make catty comments while watching the “Say Yes to the Dress” marathon.
For Carolina: Centre Zac(k) Dalpe will be out of the lineup and do you know what that meaaaaaans? No, really if you know what that means please let us know in the comment section. Does anybody follow this team? Ugh, so boring, it pisses me right off that they’ve won the cup. “I’M JUST SAYING WHAT YOURE ALL THINKING!” – Psychics

Comic Relief: Is there a more likeable guy on Binghamton than Francis Lessard Kaspars Daugavins? I mean sure his name sounds made up but anyone who successfully spot kicks his stick over the boards after a goal in an actual game where their coach is watching gets a lifetime pass from me. I like most fans I thought Nikita Filatov was the logical depth call up but with this being Dogman’s self imposed last spot kick at the NHL before heading back to his home and native Latvia (the OTHER Lithuania!) he’s due to get his shot at the big dance. As a shifty little bulldog of a man with great hands and a responsible two way game I think The Rooster will impress during his call up. I wish him great success with this exciting opportunity! Shame on you for not wishing him luck with this exciting opportunity!
Watch Daugavins do something absolutely amazing while simultaneously causing his coach to have a daymare here. Puck drop is at 7pm so that will explain why people are leaving early a half hour early. Enjoy!

*You’re welcome for having that song in your head now. Bet you’re feelin pretty dumb with your finger AND your thumb in that shape of on “L” on your forehead.


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