23.09.2010: In which Brian Elliott reminds us why goaltenders matter

Conrad to James, peter


Is it just me, or are all of these teams who watched the Philly / Chi-town Final and who promptly nudged their star goalies out to sea on an ice flo going to have a rude awakening? I remember how, when Carolina won the Cup after some key deadline acquisitions, the very next season GMs started throwing valuable resources overboard in an attempt to emulate the trend. (What did Waddel give up for Tchchuk..Tchkchk…Tchachuk…?) All of which seems to point to GMs without long-term plans.

So what am I talking about? Brian Elliott had a bad game last night, giving up 4 power-play goals. And that’s not really too big a deal – first game of the season, after all, for our second last overall pick from 2003 – but it does serve as a reminder that throwing any budget tender in net and fixating on the defense in front of him can only go so far. I still think getting a solid tender is a crapshoot, and it’s about knowing who’s hot and when. But seeing Lehner have a good game and Elliott have a bad game back-to-back was (unfairly) illustrative.

Another observation: Regin played. He did not single-handedly win the game.

James to me, peter

WHAT IS THAT SOUUUUND!? I cant concentrate! Its coming from the East… I think it’s some kind of hammering…oh it’s the sound of Montreal nailing Jesus Price to the cross. How apropos!

I agree with Conrad in that team building trends, boy, do they make the ROUNDS among GMs. Puck moving defenseman was the last one I believe. Those dudes’ value skyrocketed all of a sudden when out of nowhere EVERY GM in the league suddenly found their life incomplete without one. (Remember Mike Richards and a pick for Kaberle? Or ten gallons of unicorn blood for Jay Bouwmeester?). Granted, they are very important players. You know who else are very important players? Goaltenders.

I am not feeling the discount goalie thing. Trust me, I know the ins and outs of managing a professional sports team in the cap era* (*In school I got worst place in math/everything). To me it is too fragile a plan. Goalie is a unique position in that when discount bro heats up he can potentially take you all the way BUT that only works for about one year. As was the case with the Niemi question, piper’s gotta get paid. Ditto Halak. Ditto Tim Thomas. Remember Emery? Piper got paid after the trip to the finals. I think I am somewhere in between. I think Leclaire is a bit of a rip off (high quality but not proven enough for his contract) AND Elliot is a bit of a rip off (high value but not quality enough). Would you feel good about the Sens rolling the dice on Leighton’s free meal and two drink tickets every night contract – he did go futher than Halak? No? How about taking on Luongo’s elephantine, weight of the world cap busting, (former) captaincy and tear-filled interview if they don’t win eleventy cups contract?  The compromise? When it comes to most cap issues seems to be solid ass drafting (Red Wings) which we had with Emery and HOPEFULLY now with Lehner. At least you get a closer look and, if all goes well, those cap friendly entry level years. I think another element is pure guts. I don’t think anyone could have called José Theodore getting bounced for then junior high school student Semyon Varlamov…but I guess Boudreau had a good feeling and now Theodore makes the BOMBEST breakfast sandwiches at the cafeteria at my work!

What am I saying? I knew we were going to lose that game the second that first cotton ball of a goal went in. A classic Smelliot back breaker. I know, I know…look, I’ve watching this guy long enough to know when he’s gunna be in winning the game form and losing the game form. He’s kind of a Dollarama Martin Gerber in my eyes. Capable of great things but pretty cringe inducing to watch nightly. I mean I’m going to give the guy more than an exhibition against a fresh legged leafs squad against a back to back Sens roster…but I’m telling ya…last year was Mr. Toad’s wild ride with Ells in net.

Silver lining, Foligno and Winchester looked particularly strong last night! Does anyone want to go in with me to try to buy that Ruutu jersey with the “A” on it?



3 thoughts on “23.09.2010: In which Brian Elliott reminds us why goaltenders matter

  1. Tardy to the party…sorry. Interesting take on the need for a franchise goaltender. Seems like the last few cup champions have had solid tending (duh) but not necessarily spectacular. Detroit comes to mind. Pittsburgh gets the whole hot/cold thing with Fleury. Only really New Jersey stands out as having a spectacular puck stopper. Niemi, Khabibulin and Giguere, all recent cup winners. Luongo, Kiprusoff, Lundqvist… nada. Even Hasek for all his acrobatics missed the mug (Brett Hull’s dong was in the crease!!! or something like that)

    So the question is how talented does your tender need to be to win a cup? My viewpoint. He can be good, will probably have to steal a series on the way but damn if the other skaters in front don’t have to play a solid system (could be argued for Brodeur…sacriledge!) and stay the eff out of the box. Not rocket science, let your tender see the shots, clear rebounds and move your feet in your own end (sounds like me on the dance floor at a wedding.)

    Looping this back to the sens, I think they can win with Elliott, Big Rob L or even Leclaire, provided they take care of their business. Sorry, if you were expecting a ground breaking, innovative idea to remember the crease and keep it sacred.

    • Not to be a Particular Pete (WINK) but Hasek did win the cup with with Les Wings in pretty spectacular fashion. He has been quoted as saying that he “couldnt have accomplished such a feat without the strength of my incredible adductor muscles”

      • So very true, why do I remember the Dallas win but not the Detroit win? Huh, might be something for my therapist. Thanks for the correction. We here at the ccfr are detail orientated and will always accept corrections with gratitude and aplomb

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