2010.11.03: In which we open the balcony to discuss the merits of “Three men and a Baby” vs “Escape from Toronto” (Spanish language version)


We here at the ccfr dust off our film studies minors to weigh in on a hard fought win over the hated leafs. If Roger Ebert is the Balzac of polished, studious film writing. Consider us the ranting John McClane wearing the sandwich board in Harlem from Die Hard 3.

From James, To: Peter, Conrad

Sens myself, Conrad and Peter would baby sit for in an HILARIOUS family friendly comedy:

 The Ottawa Senators defense corps (including/especially(?) Chris Phillips and goaltender Brian Elliot!). Keeping the puck in the offensive zone? Gonchar on his proper side? Killing off penalties? Phillips not looking like it’s his first game? I like it. A lot.

 Kookiekat Karlsson was looking his best last night. Can we Stonecutters agree that Karlsson has looked much better since being steadily paired with the Tom Seleckian Carkner or Ted Dansonesque David Hale during 5 on 5 play? We can? Great. Moving on. . .

Mike Fishbone. That penalty shot goal was absolutely clutch. I know it sounds wild saying a penalty shot goal in the FIRST PERIOD of the TWELFTH game of the season was clutch but with both teams  coming off shut out loses and very much needing a win, opening the scoring on the road was huge, huge for les boys.

 Spezza effective on the PK? Alligator with sunglasses and cowboy hat?

Sens who should be forced to watch “Three Men and a Little Lady” on bluray over and over until they learn, damn it!:

 IIIIIIIII don’t know. It was a good win. I know the leafs made it a little too interesting the last half of the game and there was deeeeeeeefinitely a lot of puck luck going the Senators way last night but I was not overly surprised, nervous as all hell, but not overly surprised that a leafs team shut out two games in a row and en route to a third at home AND losing their captain would really start to pour it on. So, whatever, keep winning and stuff guys. (Whatever, keep winning and stuff guys? I am BRINGING it today)

 Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due:

 Okay, okay, I have to give it up…there were four guys who really came through for the leafs and were creating all sorts of opportunities on the ice – especially in the dying minutes of play. I am of course talking about the R.E.F. line. Watching the leafs play on home ice is really annoying (doi oi) every time there is potential for a call against the visitor you just instantly think “they’re going to get that” case in point, of course, the phantom call for delay of game. On top of Toronto already being on the PP with their goalie already pulled. Sure I sound like a sore wiener (hi-ohhhh) but betwixt that garbage dump, the Kovalev goal which was not called on the ice because the ref was busy putting a damp cloth on Phaneuf’s forehead and not whistling down the play for an injury AND the non-call on Orr’s stupid garbageface interference on Vokoun (Still mad? Still mad.)… not looking too good. All that aside, thanks boys for not getting blown the eff out by these dudes. All due respect to Phanuef. I never take pleasure in seeing a person get hurt…unless its on the hilarious America’s Funniest Home BluRays television program.  

From Peter, To: James, Conrad

Sens I would enter a pyramid scheme with:
Stick tap to Alfie for pulling a bizarro Brett Favre and playing through pain without the drama of a chilean miner asking for smokes (topical!) Spezza was pretty much every where and I liked the keep it simple decision making of the defence corps. Also shooting the puck has tremendous impact on your shooting percentage (can’t believe I paid 60 bucks for that nuggest from the “Denis Potivn school of how to comment on hockey games”.)
Karlsson’s moustache progress will be a regular feature on this blog. Book it.
Ancestery.com reveals the following individuals descend from the House of Douche:
What the eff is with the refs and the leafs? Seriously, if it had been Alfie instead of Phaneuf, McCreary would have had his camera phone out taking snaps rapid fire style. Instead he’s letting the war room handle this one (incidentally, war room… Broom closet or S&M dungeon? Discuss, but don’t take too long, we gotta grab the shop vac outta there.)
Oh and the delay of game penalty was absolutely criminal, Potivn was so pissed he almost woke up from his nap. (John Muckler nods in agreement on the value of press box naps). To be fair, didn’t think Fish merited a penalty shot, but hey I’ll take it.
Komrade Komisarek getting pasted by Ruutu was sweet justice.
Woah is that Brian McGrattan’s music I hear?… hahahahahahah. He should be mandated to play in a luchadore mask at all times and wear a cape. I enjoyed the news reports of his segment from Piper’s Pit yesterday. Him in Providence has never been more fitting or providential!
To continue on a wrestling theme, please enjoy my hastily prepared MS paint for our Latino CCFR readers.

3 thoughts on “2010.11.03: In which we open the balcony to discuss the merits of “Three men and a Baby” vs “Escape from Toronto” (Spanish language version)

  1. Hey guys, another entertaining post! I dig the positive attitudes coming from this one. Due to daylight savings in the UK, and me not knowing it’s different from back home, I missed the first period. Didn’t see Fish get taken down, but good work on scoring the goal. Lots of positives to take out of this match, but still, we suffer, and chill out way too much in the third period. I’m really hoping that the elusiveness of a game where we show up for 60 minutes disappears fast. You can only get away with building leads and sitting back, so many times.

    Elliot was a champ last night. He doesn’t give me the same nervous feeling that Lalime the Dream gave me, but he certainly doesn’t shake all my nerves away either. Still though, he’s a good option between the pipes. Hopefully Leclaire can come back in and push Elliot further, or that Leclaire really makes a case for himself.

    Big ups to Foligno for busting his ass once again. His work on the third goal put a big ole smile on my face. Someone get that kid a goal already!

  2. Dear Old Blighty (Joey JoeJoe),

    I am starting to think this “sitting back” with a lead might be the offensive minded Senators’ semi-successfuish attempt at Trapping Up. I must say though that it, like the trap, is awful to look at. I suppose a reality might be that when a struggling team is down 3-0 fairly early like in the case of the Coyotes or leafs they will really, really try to get back in it. I don’t know. I’m not making excuses. Actually, building on what you’re saying Joey, when the Sens are in the position of being down by a considerable deficit they sure could take a cue from these teams. Not giving up. Just because les boys are righting the ship to a degree I am not to quick to forget recent blowout losses to Toronto, Montreal and Boston. Like you said full 60. Full 60.
    GO SENS (blog) GO!

    • Worst part is you know rat faced Ron Wilson was chirping the Sens in his room between periods. “We can come back on these guys, other teams have done it before!” he squeaked.

      Problem is he’s right and now word is out, comebacks begat comebacks… yikes

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