2010.12.10: It was the best of times, it was the BLURST of times?


So, Pete and I watched the game in a bar with lots of completely silent people wearing Sens jerseys and one loud Rangers fan. Sounds about right.

Some observations:

Fisher’s ‘non-goal’ in the second, where he had Lundie beat and the puck hit one post, ricocheted off the other post, and then out without ever crossing the line, is a perfect metaphor for the Senators’ season so far. That and Gonchar falling on his ass.

Speaking of which: Time-outs in hockey are completely ridiculous. You spend two minutes watching the coach painstakingly diagram a play and then the whistle blows and everyone falls all over each other like toddlers. Or, in last night’s case, Spezza wins the draw back to Sergei Gonchar, who falls over and gives up the empty net goal. Triumphant.

I don’t know if Elliott needs to play a lot of games in a row to be good. But last night he certainly wasn’t good. I think it takes a miraculous act of goaltending, one that defies Euclid, to actually allow that Fedotenko goal from that angle and, of course, it goes without saying that to allow a goal from behind the goal line while hugging the post is truly incredible. Happens to the best of us (meaning them), I guess, but to have two such goals in one game is like being punched in one nut and then very soon after being punched in the other nut. By Ruslan Fedotenko.


I assumed that one loud rangers fan was a degenrate gambler since he never really got loud again after New York tied it for the first time. Once the rangers beat the spread with the empty netter he was probably just as despondant as the rest of us.

Speaking of that first Rangers goal, it was memorable because we actually got to watch Gonchar have a mental breakdown and you didn’t need the telestrator to illustrate it. Stepan crosses the blueline with Gonchar graciously donating ample time and space, drops the puck to Gaborik who, according to Ottawa’s scouting report “plays hockey” and then… (wait for it) … STEPAN PROCEEDS TO GO TO THE NET!!! Where the fuck did you think he was going Sergei? He waltzed right past you and filed his nails waiting for the return feed. Elliott was helpless! Sometimes I think we need to start watching Sens games in abandoned warehouses and foreign protectorates with lax property laws so we can riot and march on the capital with little to no reprocussions. It’s torch and pitchfork time. (If you’ll allow me to continue Conrad’s Dickensian theme)

But that wasn’t the best part, there were certain individual players who seemed determined to out do themselves in the pants-shitting department. Elliott’s post allergy Conrad alluded to was topped by the five hole gift he gave Sauer on the PP. I already mentioned Gonchar’s wet brain fart, only to be topped by his pirouette and fall down off the draw.

Slow clap


1 thought on “2010.12.10: It was the best of times, it was the BLURST of times?

  1. The image guy fills in for James because he has fired himself and escaped to Cuba.

    Observations from James and I from the 300 section:

    I don’t have much to add other then I pretty impressed by the Sens willingness to continue pressing offensively despite the garbage dump defensive play and absolutely terrible goaltending (A GOAL ON THE FIRST FUCKING SHOT. WHAT THE FUCK DUDE?) I’d like to thank, the normally reasonably intelligent about physical play, Chris Neil for completely sinking the Senators’ ship by taking a ludicrous charging penalty with seven minutes left in a tie game. The senators need to stop getting goon squad penalties, it’s killing us. Least valuable player of the game… The Scotiabank Parking Lot. Imagine a place where fans leave a tie game with 10 minutes left in the 3rd to hopefully get out of the parking lot in under an hour. Your lack of an exist strategy is killing your teams fan base,

    Note for Cory Clouston:

    In all your shuffling, Can you image a line where Regin is playing center with Bobby Butler. Regin is an intelligent two-way player and you’re wasting his potential moving him to the left wing. Bobby Butler is playing fearless hockey, put him with a player that can feed him pucks all night, instead of expecting Butler to fuel Spezza all night.

    CCFR Public Service Announcement:

    If you were the man sitting in section 305 in row J with your son (maybe six years old) for this game and you left your son alone in the seats for 10 plus minutes, you’re a fucking snake. When your son has to ask strangers (James and I) where his dad is because he has to go to the washroom, you are the lowest form of life.

    I’m sorry to this wonderful kid, who by the way is my choice for Sens fan of the year, for not calling security. I’m somewhat relieved that you didn’t understand how shitty it was when your father returned to his seat and responded emotionlessly to the fact that his son wasn’t there and on top of that a stranger (Me) had to take him to the washroom because he was at bursting stage.

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