2011.01.27: In which we treat shopping as a pain killer


Check out this sweet candy I bought on ebay for about $12. There’s no name on the back. So, discussion topic: which name do I get put on this bad boy? I’m thinking Varada, but I’d be open to other obscure and terrible players. I’m also thinking Butler, though that’s an obvious jersey foul to the tenth magnitude. Daigle would also be interesting, and a curse on my house. Saprykin?

I’d like to know more of what you guys think of these articles from the Sun and Globe. I’ve listened to a few podcasts about them now, and read all the articles, and I think this notion that Melnyk has “announced a rebuild” is over stated. All he says is that there’s a plan in place and that he isn’t firing anyone, and then follows it by saying there could be a Stanley Cup in Ottawa within a year and that all we’re lacking is a “game-changer.” Sounds an awful lot like exactly what they’re doing now to me.

It’s the Globe article that offers up the juicy tidbits and the specifics – most of which have already been denied by Murray – like how Murray is getting kicked upstairs, Clouston is gone, that expensive veterns are on their way out (a really contentious point, because who would take them?) and that the rebuild is centered around this top five pick. I think we might be getting our hopes up that the team is going to really tear it down when it’s likely that Fisher, Spezza, Alfredsson, Gonchar, Michalek and Kuba – in other words, all the big ticket players – are all going to be in a Sens uniform next year.

So, we’ve all been talking rebuild, but do you think it’s more likely that this team tries to get picks where they can and then still goes out and signs big ticket UFAs in the off season? Is Melnyk insisting on the Toronto Special: a one year rebuild?

Finally, Murray said in his press conference that Rundblad and Cowen are ready to go next year. Do you burn on year on these guy’s entry level contracts to get a good idea of what you have, or do you bury them in the minors to protect their prime years? They both look ready to go to me, though they aren’t big minute players: they’re 3-4 / 5-6 pairings until they get their feet wet.


Looking good! May I suggest you go with Magnus Arvedsson or Petr Schastlivy… maybe even my favorite former sen Stanislav Neckar… so many possibilities!

I agree the notion of the rebuild is overblown because frankly you don’t take a team from the basement to the top in an offseason. Ottawa is a game changer away from being a seven seed. The sens are two game changers and a goaltender away from being cup contenders. It’s splitting hairs really. Seems to me like Melnyk should be preaching patience and showing some contrition. His statements came across as kinda arrogant. I’m glad you know more than hockey than me Eugene, but just because you think you have plan doesn’t shield you from criticism. But hey, he owns the team, so he can say what he wants.

Okay the best part was the awesome display of crazy-pill addiction from B Murray. Rundblad and Cowan? Really? That’s your plan? Those guys are going to be great pros and I’m glad they’re in the system but they’re not the answer to Ottawa’s prayers, they’re the interesting footnote to the failed puck moving, mobile defenceman experiment from last offseason.

Who’s going to be between the pipes? Seems like that’s the major issue here. Am I way off? Why was that not brought up during Murray’s fire-side meltdown? Conrad your point of every player being available at the deadline is a little scary since I’m terrified there’s a going to be a panic deal.

Long story short. Start Lehner next year, get another lottery pick, ditch a bad contract. Let’s have this rebuilding conversation again this time next year.


That jersey is amazing! I’ve been checking stores for one of those for years, apparently I should just keep an eye on ebay. And $12?? Jeeze, that’s cheaper than the knock off jerseys they sell in the tourist shopping area in Seoul. If I were you, I would totally throw Eaves on there. I mean he wasn’t terrible but then Daigle isn’t obscure. If you want to go really obscure/random you could go with someone like Kaigorodov and of course, there is always Heatley (too soon?).

Was the word ‘rebuild’ really never used by either Murray or Melnyk? I haven’t read too much other than the Sun and Post articles, but with Murray claiming the team will be ready in a year, and Melnyk refusing to give any stance (I think it was when he was talking to the Team, he said it could take one year, or three, or five and that he doesn’t want to put that kind of pressure on it) it’s interesting that the Post decided to write such specifics if they aren’t true. So, I guess Melnyk kind of is preaching patience, and he is showing it too by holding onto Murray and Clouston until the end of the season.

Getting rid of everyone (except the Swedes) and their dog seems like a good idea in theory, but in practice is this really going to happen? Players who had real trade value at one point (Spezza, Kovalev, Gonchar) have all been having a terrible year – so either teams are going to give massively low offers for them and we’ll end up with no one, or (which is more likely), no one will want to take over the expensive contracts of our aging Russians/Spezza.

At this point it seems like things can’t get worse, but Peter, you have a point about it coming down to a panic deal, especially close to the trade deadline. I would hate to let Spezza go for next to nothing (just because he is having an off season, and has a huge salary hit) because the team is having a bad year. Spezza has shown that he is a real contender for the captaincy, and could be playing for this club for a while. Before we get rid of players like him, let’s take a step back and remember that there is still another season next year, and the next and five years from now.

It’s hard to say whether goaltending or goal scoring is the bigger issue at this point. I do, however, think that we have the ability to score goals (Spezza, Fisher, Alfie, Foligno, Kelly, Michalek etc). I am not so confident in our goaltenders. At this point, I can barely remember how Leclaire plays between one injury and the next and honestly, even when he does finish his rehab from rehab, how long will it be until he is injured again?? I don’t think he is the goalie we can depend on. I’ve only seen Lehner play once, and it was the only win the Sens have had in the last month. It was also against the Islanders, and he let in four goals. Considering the position the Sens find themselves in now, maybe it’s time to get Lehner on the ice and see what he can do. We play New Jersey for our first game after the break, might be time to give the kid (another) shot at the big leagues.


Rad jersey! I must say though, for 12 bones make sure that thing is adult size medium or large as Steven and I were getting to some ebay merch madness one night and found an identical back jersey for quite cheap…got that mah in the mail…yeah, child’s medium. Didn’t even fit any of the ladies in the house. I mean we gave it away to a little tyke at the home opener vs. Buffalo (well, to his mom – b/c you know, stranger danger-) which was pretty cute but ultimately a waste of money. Buyer beware. All the name suggestions were really great I humbly suggest these:
BONK …I mean how awesome would having the name BONK on your jersey be? I think he plays for the Tucson Thunder Cats now. Ps. Lotto pick watchers I think Bonk was picked second overall…

TURGEON… ahh…Sylvain Turgeon the OTHER Pierre Turgeon. I think this was the first Senator I was ever excited about except for maybe….
SIDORKIEWICZ… I mean…who cant get behind an NHL player from Poland? The Sens first starter and a great hockey name to boot!! He also used to play for the Whalers…so
MARSH…I cant believe no one offered that up yet. A chance you could get bought a beer at a game…by Brad Marsh. Or people will think youre his son or something.

PITLICK. May win your heart for this story alone, used to live in my friends BASEMENT. Her Dad and Lance were old buddies and when he came to play here he lived in their rec room …for A WHILE. Good dude, btw good dude.


A Kudelski jersey would make you the coolest cat in the 613. He was arguably the first sniper in Ottawa’s modern history, who was then traded to another team for the equivalent of an OC bus transfer. The “trading something for nothing” trend began and ended with that transaction…right?

Other players that will make you cool: Muckalt, Tugnutt and Prospal.

Murray told me through a dream that the team is one year away from winning the Cup and that he will bring McGuire in as his replacement. Then all the players turned into monsters, played a crazy game against Michael Jordan who teamed up with a bunch of cartoon animals. Jordan and the toons won. Charles Barkley got his gambling powers back and all was well.

My take on this reboot:

-Trade whoever you can (whoever is Fisher, Gonchar, Ruutu, Kuba, Murray, Carkner, Lee…this list can go on forever) get picks or prospects and let the kids play.

-Do NOT sign expensive, past their prime players to 3 year, 15 million dollars contracts during the summer.

-Ignore phone call from Barbados at all times.

…the world seriously needs a picture of the Spezzafacehouseboat. Can the image/picture guy hook that up?


15 thoughts on “2011.01.27: In which we treat shopping as a pain killer

  1. I am a sucker for obscure goalies and you have MANY to choose from: Jani Hurme, Damian Rhodes, Don Beaupre, Mark LaForest, Peter Sidorkewicz, Craig Billington, Daniel “the bandit” Berthiaume, Tom Barrasso, Steve Weeks, Darin Madeley, Ron Tugnutt, Martin Prusek (what ever happened to that Hasek-like guy?)

    OR Gary Roberts – the sole reason the Sens never won the Cup!

  2. How about…

    Neil Brady #12 – scored first modern era goal in pre-seasson against Hartford & against the Habs opening night(thanks wikipedia)… but I think my vote is for the one and only:

    Peter Sidorkiewicz #31 (he was an All-Star!)

  3. Also,

    new Poll:

    Upon arrival will Conrad discover this jersey was only 12 dollars because it is a child size?

    Up vote my comment for Yes
    Down vote my comment for No

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