2011.02.01: In which we get quite literal…


To begin, looking stylish is easy. I believe that we should all dress for success without trying too hard. It’s clear that Mr. Clouston has not been a student of this philosophy. After “watching” (Note: the quotations imply that I watch the game while she does pretty much anything else-MP) a few games when the coach started with the Senator, I looked at my fiancé and said: “Someone needs to help him (bla bla bla)…He needs a stylist!” I wonder if his significant other “manages” his wardrobe? If so, he shouldn’t follow her advice. For the love of Oswald Boateng, get a stylist! I’m not recommending hiring a celebrity stylist like Rachel Zoe. Visit your local Club Monaco, Mexx, Sean John, or even better Hugo Boss, and tell them you need help (because you do). They will set you up with the basics.

Cory Clouston, here are my free tips and advice to upgrade your look (Gentlemen take notes):
1. You need a properly tailored suit that doesn’t make you look like Bryan Murray. By the way, Bryan Murray dresses better than you do. The fit of a suit is extremely important. You can buy an inexpensive suit from Moores and make it look like a million dollars if it’s fitted properly. Furthermore, you will look like you’re in charge. A suit’s fit will accentuate your body and give you confidence.

Tailors are masters at making suits look impeccable and can be found in EVERY city. I recommend starting your wardrobe with a black suit, with the addition of a navy and grey suit to have a solid rotation. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can add a slightly patterned suit, like a pin stripe, for fun. I’m not saying that you don’t have a good tailor but I do believe that your suits are literally off the rack. Your suits and ties AGE you. And it doesn’t help that the team isn’t performing. Your body language exudes stress. The least you can do is dress well.

2. You need a haircut. Ask your barber for a short hair do that won’t look like you constantly need a trim. Dare I say…perhaps getting your hair color darkened (wouldn’t be a bad idea). The current color you have washes out your face.

3. Get some fabulous ties. This is a great opportunity to add a splash of color to your outfit. The size of your tie is crucial. Smaller is better in this case. A slim tie can do you wonders. DO NOT WEAR A FAT TIE. IT’S SLOPPY.

4. The shirts you wear lack luster. Do not buy shirts that a high school substitute teacher from the late 70s would wear. Shirts are the backdrop of your outfit, must be pressed and should make your suit and tie “sing”. Stay away from shirts that have dead earthy color tones. They will kill  your look.

5. Get inspired. There are many blogs that present amazing sartorial advice. Also, take note from your peers in professional sports. Ron Wilson and Guy Carbonneau are great examples of coaches (Note: or former coaches-MP) that get it. Other television personalities/characters you can draw inspiration from are Anderson Cooper and my personal favorite John Hamm, better known as Don Draper on Mad Men. Take your pick to become your fashion idol and get to work.

I have a feeling that from the time you wake up, to the moment you step behind the bench, a few people have had the chance to mention how old fashion and badly styled you are. If they’re not giving you input, find a stylish person and ask them “How do I look?”. Trust me, they’ll be honest. The fashion police are one unit that will not hold back. In addition, you travel to some major fashion destinations like New York, Chicago, and Montreal. Take a moment to drop by one of the many shops in those cities if you feel that you can’t find what you’re looking for in Ottawa.

The unfortunate thing about CC is that he’s young, in good shape and not unattractive. I’m not superficial, but you are on television, and you are the leader of this team. Put some pride into your look and success will follow you.

– Fabs the Fiancé


Fabs is Marc P’s fiancé. She doesn’t believe in that whole social media thing, but you can follow her on tumblr for more fashiony insight.
Marc also blogués on the solo tip here.


3 thoughts on “2011.02.01: In which we get quite literal…

  1. Great blog, I could never quite put my finger on what always looked so off about Clouston; however, you nailed it the suits just never fit correctly. Reminds me of a kid wearing his dad’s suit to his first job interview. Maybe the players or fans should nominate him for “What’s Not to Wear”

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