2011.02.10: In which the rebuild begins. In the name of love.


Mike Fisher to Nashville (shock) for a 1st in 2011 and a conditional pick in 2012.


I’ll miss the guy. This is when the rebuild gets real. It had to happen, and I’m glad it’s happening, but this is the moment when you go back to the apartment you once shared with your girlfriend or boyfriend and start separating your CD collection (when there were CDs).

Also, if you thought the Sens were bad now (11th loss in a row last night, only one win in I think 17), things are about to get really messy.

This biggest gain from this is getting out from under $8M in outstanding salary and a cap hit of $4.2M for the next two seasons. I’m surprised, and happy, that the Sens didn’t have to take any salary back in the deal, though with a team as deep in prospects as the Preds are, it’s too bad we couldn’t get a more developed young player in the deal.

Preds are currently 11th overall in the league, meaning that the 1st will probably end up being bottom fifteen. That’s basically a Nick Foligno added to the fold. Not bad, considering Fisher was a 2nd rounder himself, but for a player who was to be the future captain of this team, this is yet another signal that the days of the huge deadline deal are gone.

As for the conditional pick, my understanding is that it’s a 3rd rounder if the Preds win one playoff round, and a 2nd rounder if they win two or more. Keep in mind that Nashville has never won a playoff series, so this might end up just a straight 1st rounder for Fish.

Also keep in mind that the West is ridiculous right now. Nashville is 5th in the conference, but only four points ahead of 9th (and only five points ahead of 11th). They’re one losing streak away from our first rounder being turned into a top 15 pick.

JUDGEMENT: Aaaahhhhhh I dunno. Fisher is a fan fave, and it sort of sucks to see him traded for a lottery ticket. But at the same time, this team just turned about $14M in cap space next year into about $20M in cap space. They didn’t take a damn thing back.

I know it was never going to happen, but I wish we coulda gotten one of those sweet prospects in Nashville’s system. They’re going to be a ridiculous team someday soon.


Yes fish will be missed. Though his production was down this year there is still a need for what he does best. A veteran presence and classy guy is never easy to replace. There is going to be a hole in this team for a while. Call it a scab or a scar.

I think objectively this is a good deal. I wonder if murray’s love affair with his prospects played any role in zero kids being Ottawa bound. Maybe fish hinted at wanting to go to music city and kinda hamstrung his g.m. a bit?

So now it begins huh? I don’t see a huge impact the rest of this season (only because i dont think it can get any worse) but next should be interesting. Keep playing the kids this year, don’t make a panic signing this summer, maybe amass a couple of first rounders when the Spezza and Gonchar contracts become a little more palatable.

I think every fan should know, nay expect this team to suck holy balls next year. Too many kids, no finishers and a disinterested and frankly wasted Spezza.

This is going to be rocky. I fear to watch, yet I cannot turn away.


“Sooooo…are we NOT calling this post ‘So Long and Thanks For All the Fish’ orrrr….somehow TSN didn’t go for that”

When the Sens lost their 54th straight back in Novembuary, finally, after much resistance, I started leaning more toward what Conrad had been saying for a while and thought “Okay, uncle already, this core is past its prime, the team is officially TERRIBLE…let whoever go. . . minus Spezza b/c he’s impossible to move/ way hard to replace…what are you gunna trade that guy for? Ryan Getzlaf? Youre going to get murdered *LITERALLY* trying to move that guy – but I digress (not really)…and minus Alfie because YOU CANT TRADE MY DAD, STEP MURRAY!!! *goes to room, starts blasting Marlyn Manson* Just kidding, I put it out there on the blog (for those not reading at home – all of you) a while back that I was super comfortable if Alfie even wanted a shot at the cup before he turns THIRTY NINE…he’s done enough in this era of time, the era before he becomes our new GM *hopeful tears in eyes*.

Anyway, Phillips, Fisher, etc I was all get rid of the core. Lets get young and cheap! But then when it gets closer to the deadline you start to get sad thinking about only spending every second weekend in a three hour long court mandated supervised visit with your former Sens dads ( I think we can all agree Phillips is the DADDEST looking guy in modern history). That and we might get stuck sharing our room with some bratty pipsqueak of a step brother (I think we can all agree that Blake Wheeler is that)…but you know what? Im already reading all this bull in comments sections (Smartest move to continue to believe in humanity – wait for it…wait for it – NOT!) all “HORRIBLE MOVE! FIRE MURRAY!!! LOUUUUD VOICES!!!” unless this is a leafs fan trolling (and trust me you are a bunch of trolls, the lot of you) THIS IS THE TYPE OF THING WE WERE DEMANDING. Now look at me. IM the one whos yelling and im ALWAYS calm and completely reasonable (not).

Bottom line: We want young and we want cheap, which I am not an expert on either of these things as I am 64 years old and make 8 figures a year, but it would seem this is the brave new world we were begging for online and in the press. What we give up in the process of said future of course is a ‘sure thing’. We KNOW how good and hard working Fisher is. If we had just traded for a 2ndround, 44th overall pick we’d be all “off with Murrays head!” but that’s the pick that this heart and soul, selke finalist guy went BUT if we were the ones GETTING Mike Fisher in a trade 10 years after his pick, I think we’d be pretty happy. Well, the Comment Section Toughies wouldn’t be happy…they are lieterally never happy (and are racist homophobes J too ) taking a gamble is tough and stressful (Bobby B no points in 11 games) but the way players are developed these days a First Round pick is pretty much as safe a bet as they come outside of an active player.

Speaking of first round picks, maybe this is the time where Nick Foligno begins step up in an enhanced role to become the NEW Mike Fisher b/c cousin has kiiiiiiiiiiiind of been a beast lately. In conclusion, I don’t know how to run a hockey team at all and I for one welcome our new overlords. We’ll miss you and your generosity* Mike, as Pierre McGuire never (fucking) stops saying “He’s not only a tremendous player on the ice, he’s also a tremendous human being OFF the ice.”
“Relax, Pierre.” – Everyone

*Quick little story, a friend of mine had a baby a few years back and pretty much from birth, the child suffered numerous seriosus health problems. A low income single parent, in a desperation move, she contacted Mike Fisher’s people and eventually got in touch with him asking for help. Mike helped her, a stranger, weather some pretty burdensome financial storms taking care of a sick child on her own. This story never made one headline and was even a pretty private thing amoung friends. Safe to say, that it is not the only story of its kind invoving Mike Fisher. He did and will continue to do a lot of good for whatever community he’s in and even though a lot of people give him a hard time because he is so down with JC, he does a lot more than many 64 year old bloggers do. Thanks Mike.

From all of us at The CCFR: A few highlights. We especially like the first one because it was clutch and it immediately shows the crowd at the Scotiabank Plan streaming for the parking lot. Good luck, Mike. There may be plenty of empty seats where you’re going, but the people who’re there will appreciate having hockey around.


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