The CCFR returns from spring vacation, has dysentery, looks at UFA market

Note: big ups to Cap Geek, which is where I pulled this list from. Only looked at UFA forwards, assuming we aren’t in the market for more defencemen or goalies. 

This year’s UFA period is set to be boringly terrific. Teams like the Rangers and Leafs will launch into their fortieth straight years of a plan to spend their way into contention though it only works .002% of the time; Florida will try to find at least ten new players who would like to play for a team about to set a record for most years out of the playoffs; and Ottawa will not to sign an aging Russian…or will they! Ottawa has $16M in cap space and there’s almost nothing else to write about in Sens news, so here we goooooooooo!

Player Pos Team Age Cap Hit Should we git im?
Richards, Brad » F DAL 31 $7,800,000 Dream on. The guy is going to go to the Rangers, who will buy out Drury and bury Gaborik in the minors to make it happen, and then he’ll be traded, bought out or buried three years from now when it’s his deal that prevents New York from signing, oh I don’t know…Stamkos or something. Either that, or the Leafs will throw a billion dollars at this guy to play with Kessel. Or Florida will spend literally all of their $40M in cap space on him.He’s an appealing player, a verifiable no. 1 center, but Ottawa is getting away from high-priced UFAs, and they already have an expensive center in Spezza. It would be awesome to see him in a Sens uniform, but it ain’t happenin’.
Gagne, Simon » F TBL 31 $5,250,000 For a guy who’s gonna have to take a huge pay cut because of being an injury risk, he’ll probably want to do it for a contender. If Ottawa is willing to pay out some more in years or cash, he might consider sitting in the press box with Milan Michalek for a few years and comparing leg casts. Ottawa should probably stay away from cursed players, though. It will take all summer to exorcise the ghost of Pascal Leclaire.
Kovalev, Alexei » F PIT 38 $5,000,000 The Sens should sign this guy to a 2 year, $10M deal so that they can trade him for a conditional 7th rounder at a future deadline. It’s called ‘resource management.’
Nylander, Michael » F WAS 38 $4,875,000 Michael Nylander should start his own lawn care company.
Selanne, Teemu » F ANA 40 $4,500,000 Will re-sign with the Ducks or retire. Should sign with Washington, but he won’t.
Arnott, Jason » F WAS 36 $4,500,000 Ottawa should take a serious look at Arnott, while managing expectations. He’s good for 15 goals and 40 points, but would be an ideal replacement for Mike Fisher. Hard-nosed, two way player and a leader. His price could easily get out of hand, and he probably wants years at his age, but worth monitoring the situation. Every time he scores they should play “What a Man.”
Connolly, Tim » F BUF 30 $4,500,000 I hate all players who play in or once played in Buffalo, including those who then went on to play for Ottawa. Conolly is pretty good though – young, productive, and not terribly expensive (relatively speaking). I feel like some desperate team will offer him too much, but Ottawa should monitor the bidding.
Ryder, Michael » F BOS 31 $4,000,000 A depth scorer who will probably re-sign in Boston at a reduced salary, Ottawa might want to throw him a lowball offer and see if he bites.
Handzus, Michal » F LAK 34 $4,000,000 See Ryder, Michael. A top six forward, but hardly one to put the team on his back. Terrible hair.
Sullivan, Steve » F NAS 36 $3,750,000 Stevie Sullivan is a godlike player who is beloved everywhere he goes, and Ottawa would be lucky to have him. Much like Arnott, he won’t put up huge numbers, but you have to pay for that kind of character. Is Nashville doesn’t re-sign him, Murray should snipe the dude.
Stillman, Cory » F CAR 37 $3,533,333 Likely too expensive and old at this point to be the kind of player Ottawa wants, though he is a veteran, and reportedly liked his time in Ottawa. Maybe he offers them a discount?
Sturm, Marco » F WAS 33 $3,500,000 Sturm is a bit of a curious case. Rampant injuries these past few years resulted in Boston giving him to Washington for literally nothing, and he pressed there without getting much results. A reclamation project, not unlike Marek Svatos, he’s young enough to warrant a look, though like Gagner, if he has to take a cut, why would he do it for a rebuild?
Ponikarovsky, Alexei » F LAK 31 $3,200,000 Another player whose production fell off a cliff, even on a talented team like LA. He’s big, and has shown stretches of dominance, but has been all but invisible for months. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him try out the KHL next year.
Frolov, Alexander » F NYR 28 $3,000,000 Another strong KHL candidate, Frolov made a stink out of not being offered much money last offseason, and he sucked in New York. UPDATE: And, he’s signed to the KHL. I’m pretty good.
Vrbata, Radim » F PHO 29 $3,000,000 An interesting player, who’s flourished under Tippet in Phoenix. At only 29, he’s definitely worth a look, though the thought has been that conditions have to be ideal for him to play well. Somehow those conditions were with the Coyotes.
Hejduk, Milan » F COL 35 $3,000,000 Hard to imagine him signing anywhere by Colorado, but also hard to understand why Colorado would want him back after this disastrous year. He’s been surprisingly productive at times. How would he look playing on Ottawa’s 2nd line? UPDATE: he just re-signed in Colorado for one year.
Cole, Erik » F CAR 32 $2,900,000 Another amazing player limited by injuries, Cole is like a less talented but grittier Simon Gagner. Ottawa should definitely take a look, especially if he can be had for a similar salary. CAUTION: he might instantly die.
Langenbrunner, Jamie » F DAL 35 $2,800,000 Another player in the Arnott / Sullivan mould, Langenbrunner seems like exactly the type that Ottawa should be targeting. He brings leadership and experience, and won’t be too expensive. A horrible year in New Jersey might bring his price tag down some more.
Clark, Chris » F CLB 35 $2,633,333 I have no idea who this is.
Fleischmann, Tomas » F COL 26 $2,600,000 Fleischmann will have no shortage of suitors. He’s young, productive, and plays the game tough and well. With Washington laying another playoff egg, I’d expect they might let him walk as part of an overhaul, and if they do, Ottawa should be part of the bidding. Even if he doubles his salary, he’s worth a close look. NOTE: Fleischmann is in Colorado, stupid.
Samsonov, Sergei » F FLA 32 $2,533,333 I can’t believe Samsonov is only 32. I feel like I’ve been reading about him for fifty years. He should have gone to the KHL a couple of seasons ago.
Prospal, Vaclav » F NYR 36 $2,480,000 Will become part-owner / 1st liner of a KHL team, like an alternate reality Mario Lemieux.
White, Todd » F NYR 35 $2,375,000 Wouldn’t it be kind of cool to bring Toddy back? Naw, not really.
Miettinen, Antti » F MIN 30 $2,333,333 Another solid contributor who Ottawa might be able to take off the market because the Wild must be getting sick of spending to the cap every year and never getting anywhere. Has played extremely well at times with the Wild’s best players; how would he do playing with Spezza?
Brunette, Andrew » F MIN 37 $2,333,333 No way. Expensive and old. Had a terrible year last year.
Kobasew, Chuck » F MIN 29 $2,333,333 Sort of faded from the public consciousness, as most players who end up in Minnesota do, but he’s gritty. May be best suited as a 3rd liner, which means Ottawa should pass.
Upshall, Scottie » F CLB 27 $2,250,000 Young, energetic, and a leader, I can never understand why Philly traded him for that psycho Carcillo, or why the Coyotes traded him after he became such a big part of their team. He isn’t living up to his status as a 6th overall pick (Ottawa, take note of players once picked 6th overall…), but I would love if Ottawa brought him in. Of all of the players I hope come to Ottawa in the off season, Upshall is probably my no. 1.
Laich, Brooks » F WAS 27 $2,066,667 The second half of Washington’s dual pending UFAs, Laich is also a great depth player who the Caps might trim in an effort to overhaul a disappointing would-be contender. He’ll probably be the subject of some intense bidding, but Ottawa should look at bringing him back and then re-sign Bondra out of retirement so we can HAVE IT ALL.
Zherdev, Nikolai » F PHI 26 $2,000,000 This has got New York Rangers written all over it. Watch him make $5M or something ridiculous.
Forsberg, Peter » F COL 37 $2,000,000 As well all know, Peter Forsberg died in a mining accident, where to this day he haunts the workers still. If you listen carefully, you can still hear him whispering “comeback.”


Things start to get ugly…

Moreau, Ethan » F CLB 35 $2,000,000 3rd liner. Of which we have plenty.
Recchi, Mark » F BOS 43 $1,950,000 Kind of awesome. Was sent back in time to save the declaration of independence from aliens.
Modano, Mike » F DET 40 $1,750,000 Scratched from the line up of the team who chased him all off season. He’s done.
Dvorak, Radek » F ATL 34 $1,700,000 Bwa-ha-haaaaa
Larose, Chad » F CAR 29 $1,700,000 Actually…pretty productive in Carolina. Cheap and young. I still sort of hate him though.
Tanguay, Alex » F CGY 31 $1,700,000 Every year he finds another sweetheart, and no doubt he will again. Lord hopes it’s not in Ottawa, unless he’s willing to sign for another lowball contract.
Jokinen, Jussi » F CAR 28 $1,700,000 See Larose, Chad. A good player on a bad team masks his potential not-so-goodness, but at less than Chris Neil’s salary? Worth a look.
Higgins, Chris » F VAN 27 $1,600,000 I think hope is fading for this guy to be a top six player, and he’s not gritty enough to be a checking line player. Maybe Ottawa should sign him so they can throw him into a package for a better player at some point.
Draper, Kris » F DET 39 $1,583,333 See Recchi, Mark.
Ward, Joel » F NAS 30 $1,500,000 Whatta guy. Will probably re-sign in Nashville after his heroics in the playoffs this year, unless some idiot GM (Sather) decides to throw a bag of cash at him.
Grier, Mike » F BUF 36 $1,500,000 On to his fifteenth team in only two seasons. (Not true.)
Dupuis, Pascal » F PIT 32 $1,400,000 Still can’t believe 1) he’s that young, and 2) he’s been so productive in the Pitts. He’ll re-sign there, I bet. Don’t be cheap, Shero, give that guy an extra half-mill at least.
Ruutu, Jarkko » F ANA 35 $1,300,000 We gotta move forward, not back.
Madden, John » F MIN 38 $1,250,000 This guy was once scary. He is no longer.
Niedermayer, Rob » F BUF 36 $1,250,000 See Grier, Mike.
Modin, Fredrik » F CGY 36 $1,200,000 I have a soft spot for Modin, but his effectiveness is down to nothing at this point.
Prucha, Petr » F PHO 28 $1,200,000 Holy shit, he’s only 28! I always thought of this guy as the same sort of player as, uh, Modin or something. Like Vrbata, he’s had some luck in the desert, and might be worth a look at that price.
Kopecky, Tomas » F CHI 29 $1,200,000 Checking third liner, which we have enough of.
Glencross, Curtis » F CGY 28 $1,200,000 Calgary sucks.
Reasoner, Marty » F FLA 34 $1,150,000 Calgary does not suck as much as Florida.
Weight, Doug » F NYI 40 $1,150,000 Retiring, thank Christ.
Marchant, Todd » F ANA 37 $1,125,000 Old and ridin’ dirty.
Fiddler, Vernon » F PHO 31 $1,100,000 What a motley cast in Phoenix.
Talbot, Maxime » F PIT 27 $1,050,000 What a shit disturber.
Torres, Raffi » F VAN 29 $1,000,000 Lord, I hope not. Probably signs in Ottawa for $3M or some shit.
Rissmiller, Patrick » F FLA 32 $1,000,000 There’s going to be a lot of these types of guys available from here on out – maybe some glory days here and there, maybe some nostalgia to keep us warm at night, but I’m mostly gonna start cutting corners. These are the types of players you don’t sign because we already have Greenings and Condras in the system.
Bradley, Matt » F WAS 32 $1,000,000
Fedotenko, Ruslan » F NYR 32 $1,000,000
Voros, Aaron » F TOR 29 $1,000,000
Jones, Ryan » F EDM 26 $975,000
Eager, Ben » F SAN 27 $965,000 I would sign this guy in a heartbeat. Heart-and-soul player, and a real pain in the ass. He’ll get a raise fer sure.
Picard, Alexandre » F PHO 25 $868,219 Not the one we traded for and then traded away. (I think.)
Rupp, Michael » F PIT 31 $825,000 See the cutting of corners.
Sutherby, Brian » F DAL 29 $812,500
Leino, Ville » F PHI 27 $800,000 Played well in Philly, I bet he stays there. Or Sather comes in and blasts him in the face with money.
Gordon, Boyd » F WAS 27 $800,000 See the cutting of corners.
Svatos, Marek » F OTT 28 $800,000 I think Ottawa’s had a hard-on for this guy for years. They were always linked to him in trade rumours, and he’s so young and cheap it’s hard not to say “Sure, Gomer, where’s the beef?” and just give him another year. People who think this way should remember that he scored negative 5 goals in Ottawa.
Goc, Marcel » F NAS 27 $775,000 See the cutting of corners.
Hordichuk, Darcy » F FLA 30 $775,000
Nichol, Scott » F SAN 36 $760,000
Godard, Eric » F PIT 31 $750,000
Sjostrom, Fredrik » F TOR 28 $750,000
Eaves, Patrick » F DET 27 $750,000 Wouldn’t that be funny! We could start expecting him to be a top 6 player again and then, when disappointed, trade him at the deadline.
Belanger, Eric » F PHO 33 $750,000 See the cutting of corners.
Morrison, Brendan » F CGY 35 $725,000
Asham, Arron » F PIT 33 $700,000
Winchester, Brad » F ANA 30 $700,000
Bergenheim, Sean » F TBL 27 $700,000 See Ward, Joel, and the impending pay day from short-sighted GMs. Good for him.
Andersson, Jonas » F VAN 30 $675,000 See the cutting of corners.
Boulton, Eric » F ATL 34 $650,000
Wellwood, Kyle » F SAN 27 $650,000 I don’t want to live in a world where Wellwood wins a Stanley Cup.
Miller, Drew » F DET 27 $650,000 Who are all of these people?
Murray, Andrew » F CLB 29 $625,000
Glass, Tanner » F VAN 27 $625,000
Carter, Ryan » F FLA 27 $625,000
Shannon, Ryan » F OTT 28 $625,000 Sure, he’s earned himself another payday – maybe even one at slightly more than league minimum. Murray, re-sign the little ragamuffin!
Ellis, Matt » F BUF 29 $625,000 Who?
LoVecchio, Jeff » F FLA 25 $605,000 What?
Lundmark, Jamie » F NAS 30 $600,000 Where?
Halpern, Jeff » F MTL 35 $600,000 Ugh?
Parrish, Mark » F BUF 34 $600,000 Guh?
Cullen, Mark » F FLA 32 $600,000 Bah?
Hall, Adam » F TBL 30 $600,000 Tah?
Konopka, Zenon » F NYI 30 $600,000 This guy is fucking badass. I always pick him up in my pool for the penalty minutes. I don’t really feel the need for enforcers, but if we need one I’d get this guy.

That’s basically where I gave up, because from here on out it’s like the Island of Lost Toys, and I expect most of these players will find themselves leading the Atomic Barracuda Barrels of the Germanic Series in secondary assists.


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