06.14.2011 In which we, for one, welcome our new mustachioed overlord

And with the new hire, the CCFR looks to expand it’s publishing empire…

It’s the dawning of a new era in Ottawa and the CCFR plans to herald this mustachioed age of Aquarius the only way we know how. By forging past any semblance of coherent analysis and heading straight to the meta discussion of picking a new name. The CCFR (web and defense contract division) steering committee failed to accurately forecast the life cycle of  our current name and now we need help from you the reader. While we still have money in the petty cash coffers, feel free to suggest a new name and perhaps reap the fiancial reward of selling your fabulous prize on kijiji (yeah, that’s a thing these days)

…(checks watch, checks wall clock)… Well looks like we’ve got a bit of extra time…

Okay so maybe we do need to talk about this new coach. I personally like the hire. Professional sports are quickly becoming copy cat leagues (if not a reasonable hand drawn fascimile, or write parent’s brains on a 3×5 card and send to…) and I applaud the acknowledgement that Detroit is a fucking amazing organization. Recently Ottawa has implemented maverick personnel moves like employing a Danish player and trading for the only non-talented French Canadian goalie in the league. In the business world, its called course correction, in pro sports it’s two news conferences sandwiching an interview process.

You know what team hasn’t a press conference in a while, whose GM hasn’t appeared regularly between periods of meaningless March games? Detroit… their success with Swedish scouting efforts, the front office consistency and many other factors have made the winged wheel the envy of many fan bases. Will Paulie Whiskers (still working on it) bring all these successful traits with him? I doubt it, after it all we’re still using the rebuilding taxonomy here in Ottawa (Genus: Cellar, Species: Dweller)

You know what I’m looking forward to? A  little less freak out face from behind the bench. The one thing I like about coaches, leaders and Harvey Keitel is the ability to stay calm in the face of adversity. Never let em see you sweat, you know? I know it wasn’t demonstrative, throw water bottles rage but Clouston often looked rattled. If you’ve been the recipient of some bad calls and tough luck, at least you can act like you expected it. Am I way off?  Any Detroit fans have any stories about the time they saw Paul at Cici’s pizza and he made them lick white dog crap cause they scratched his impala? (translation: is he volcanic behind the bench?)

Anyways, lots to be excited about here, I’m already drawing up an off season workout program for my mustache.

Chime in with your jubilation or consternation in the comments…oh and think of a fucking name for this blog already!


4 thoughts on “06.14.2011 In which we, for one, welcome our new mustachioed overlord

    • I like it, has that corporate ring to it. But what if True North buys the team and Steven Harper makes them move to Abbotsford?…

  1. Canadian Regional Athletics Publishers or CRAP
    Sports News Outside of Toronto or SNOT
    Technologist Incorporating The Sens or TITS

    Maclean looks like a walrus so you could call yourselves the eggmen.

    This could go on all day really. Good luck with the new name.

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