Are you ready for some footba…hockey?!

And you guys are uncomfortable with the Winnipeg Jets use of Canadian military imagery? Imagine if they flew over Canada’s Wonderland with lightning-shooting supersonic jets and turned the upside-down swinging ship ride into a giant hockey puck. Imagine that.

Anyway…hockey’s back! Leafs are a bunch of bums! Montreal are slightly smaller bums because that city is a lot of fun sometimes! Go beer go!


2 thoughts on “Are you ready for some footba…hockey?!

  1. “”I’m just hoping I’m not scared to death. I think I’ll be alright,” MacLean said. “The Joe is always an exciting night.”

    “I think he’s approaching at it as just his first regular season game,” said forward Nick Foligno. “Hopefully we can rally and get that win for him.”

    We’re already scared and rallying! Go Sens go!

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