James Day Preview: Minneapolis Concept of Wildnernesses vs. Ottawa Senatorbs

Ahhhhh hockey season. A time for hockey games and hockey game introductions!
Join me Reader, let’s give em somethin’ to talk about! A little myst’ry to figure out…
Let me just put it right out there and address that elephant in the room that everyone is talking about:

Tonight will mark the return of Matt Cullen to Scotiabank place. How will he be received by the
Ottawa Faithful? Nods in his general direction? Creed CDs thrown on the ice in protest of the new goal s
ong “With Arms Wide Open” by Creed? The drinking of Black Licorice Smirnoff Ice? DING!

A lot is being said about tonight’s Smirnoff Ice Presents Healthy Scratches:
Filatov, Butler, and Lee all sit tonight. A lot is being made of it. It does seem weird to sit not one but two finesse forwards. Bobby B. from the fourth line to the pressbox in two games…eeee. Anyway, I think until we’re 9 games into the season and some decisions have been made on some of the new comers to the team. I’m actually interested in seeing how Filatov bounces back after being sent to the dog bin. Cant wait to see that kid score a goal. We know Lee can handle a good ol’ fashioned benchin.’ Hope to see a solid performance from Rundblad’s cool hair. That’s all nice and easy, breezy solid play. Also drawing into the line up is feisty up and comer Brad Marsh.

Grape Expectations:
Look, these last two games…have been a lesson in being a fan of a rebuilding team. I used to desire actual
victories from our boys. Not no mores. Nope. Now I, as a paying customer (ill be in the last row tonight, come b
y and say hi to me!), I expect, not an embarrassing blow out. Simple enough. For tonight, I would like to see a solid body check that knocks Heater on his ass. Just want to hear the building go nuts at the home opener. Is this game sold out yet? Dany Heatley at the home opener? What does it take?

Are you there, Volchy Bear? It’s me, James… 


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