James Day Preview: Denver Tremblement des Neiges VS. Ottawa Her-i-tahj

Makes sense, right everyone? Enjoy the game!

“Hey there, hi there, ho there Heritage fans! Are you ready for some of the watchings the worrrrrrrrrld wake up ….from history?” – Jesus Jones

 Thanks, Jesus Jones. LOVE that new album. Just got it on ithing!

Tonight’s the night. Craig Anderson finally squares off against his former uniform in his new heritage (pronounced Her-i-Tahj) uniform…wait, if Anderson used to PLAY for Colorado…are they not part of …HIS heritage? *THEMATRIXHASYOUTHEMATRIXHASYOUTHEMATRIXHASYOUTHEMATRIXHASYOUTHEMATRIXHASYOU*

 Anyway, I am very much looking forward to the Anderson / Varlamov match up…Oh whats that? JS GIGURE plays for the Avalanche? When did THAT happen? The big question is will the ghost of Brian Elliot be haunting the building? Or will the goblins of good cheer win the day? Seriously get at me about that very important question(s).

Bounce back or Trounced Flat (boo, me): Thanks everyone for coming out to the WTYKY dunk tank at the home opener. Anyone who was on hand for the game got to hear the full brunt of the Sergio Gonchar booing. It picked up on TV I’m sure but the atmosphere in the building was pretty bloodthirsty.

Alright, Gonchar has been flat out awful in all three games he’s played. Did I boo him (or Kuba)? No. Does he deserve a booing for his effort?
I don’t know, since when is this a thing? Thanks for inventing this MONTREAL…

Anyway, people kept booing him for every little mistake and guess what? HEYYYYY he played worse and worse. It was distracting him. Look, I want to see Gonch play better as much as the next Joe Louis Vuitton bag… except probably Eugene Melnyk who actually has to pay him millions of dollars but let’s each and everyone of us do our part and stop doing something that seems to be making him play worse. On the other side of things Gonchar showed by, at least what I perceived as, his distractedness
that he might not have the thickest skin on the team. That said, can he dig deep, come back and play with a little more hustle? At this point, I would be willing to settle for a game that includes more bustle.

Speaking of Bustle: Bobby Butler draws back into the line up tonight to probably play on the fourth line and not really get to play to his strengths as a player and get sent back to the press box. I know, I know, the purpose of his benching was likely for him to think about the true meaning of applying himself harder to his shortcomings but still, if Bobby Bottle Service cant be puttings the puckings in ze net thing, I don’t think people in this town will have much good to say about him. It kind of happened last season. Note about last season: Scientists have confirmed that last season was the hottest glass of the yellowest dog pee.

Person who plays for theOttawa Senators & stalwart awesome name haver Zenon Konopka is out to make way for Brian Lee. Condra also comes out in exchange for a crystal vase of Nikita Filatov’s tears.

Well, enjoy the game shorts fans. Join me after the game on your front lawn where I will be burning my name into it.


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