Can Jason Spezza end the season with more points than Nicklas Backstrom? Or Is James Dumber than a Hamster 2: Ignition Remix

So here’s a post I’ve been bandying about with upstairs for a while now and what better time to finally write about scoring points than after coming off a 7-1 loss to another rebuilding team. HEYYYYY, come imagineer with me on this journey to the centre of a half baked cinnebon of an idea!

Now, we all know the Warshingtub Kapitals are currently experiencing what the powerhouse Senators clubs of what feels like decades ago did. That if you don’t win the T.J. Maxx Presents Stanley then the season is considered a failure. I say to all you Caps fans not reading this: Cup or not, enjoy making the playoffs every year. It is a lot more fun being in the mix than waiting for draft day.

Anysadness, I was creepin reading up on Backstrom in the off season and saw that his point total for the season was thus: GP 82 G 14 A 55 PTS 69

“Hmph, I’m kind of hungry” I thought. Then laterI thought, “that’s not as many points as I thought the Washington Capitals no.1 centre would have.” My next move was for some snacks then AFTER that my NEXT next move was to have a look at how Jason Spezza’s year went. GP 62 G 21 A 36 PTS 57 … wait…what?

Lets break out the Smirnoff Ice Presents The WTYKY Stat Stacker:
Games 82 Goals 14 Assists 55 Points 69 for Herr Backingstrom
Games 62 Goals 21 Assists 36 Points 57 for Senior Spezza

That’s not a load more points (12 for all you mathies) for a guy who played all 82 games compared to a guy who missed 20 (again). Of note: Backstrom also centres ALEXANDER FUCKING OVECHKIN and..uhh ALEX SEMIN. Comparable players that Spezza pivoted in 2010-2011 include Colin Greening, Eric Condra, Bobby Butler…You know, players that people who follow other teams have heard of. Do we really count injury plagued seasons from Michalek and Alfredsson? Fine count away. Injured 38 year old Alfie and banged up kneeMM exaclty like Ovechkin and Semin. Especially fair considering Washington finished in first place in the East and Ottawa in…I believe it was somewhere in the neighborhood of blurst place! Let’s try not be TOO fair about it.  

Now, I know Ovechkin and Semin had down years last season. Yeah, good stuff. You know, when he used to take me out for a phosphate down at the soda jerk, my grandpappy used to tell me “When youre up youre up and when youre down youre STILL CENTERING SEMIN AND OVECHKIN ON A FIRST PLACE TEAM!” I still think of those words every day sometimes. Meanwhile, Spezza’s got the hard hat on…in some goddamn death ring with the chainmail shit…centering some undrafted college FAs playing in the NHL for the first time for a good portion of the season.

I mean, I know I’m really putting myself out there with this one. The Caps have tons of pressure on them (which they seem to deal well with!) and will probably roll over the East  but sometimes when you might be dumber than a hamster you have to do stuff like this. Looking at the goal totals from last year Spezza knows he doesn’t have the trigger men that he used to and has taken to listening to the people who yell “SHOOOOOOT” at games and developed a bit more of a nose for the net. If popular hockey overlords Puck Daddy are to be believed, we may have seen the best we’re going to see from Ovechkin Personally, I hope not, as I love watching that guy but…who knows in this work a day world? I’m just trying to put a roof over my post and food on my blog here. I’m merely saying, lets keep an eye on these two rapscallions throughout the season along with the my now IMFAMOUS not widely read at all Filatov vs. 2010-2011 Kovalev watch!

Going into Saturday’s prrrrrobable shit show (Sens + HNIC = look away in shame night in Ottawa) both Spezza (1G, 3A ) and Backstrom (4 A) have 4 points. Spezza has one more game under his belt right now but is it really so unfair considering he is currently centering an 18 year old who will be playing his 5th NHL game Saturday? Anyway pals, I’ll be keeping an eye on this and giving myself a prize no matter what happens! Isn’t that exciting?


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