1-5-0 is the new winning

Outstanding effort last night from our Ottawa Senators, who trounced the Philadelphia Flyers 7-2 at the Scotiabank Place.

The team was off to a torrid start, scoring four goals in the first period against a hapless and pathetic Sergei Bobrovsky. Despite being loaded with established stars like Chris Pronger, Kimmo Timonen, and Jaromir Jagr, and up-and-comers like Claude Giroux and James Van Riemsdyk, the Flyers ran around in their own end all night, unable to generate even a modicum of offense against stalwarts like Chris Phillips and Filip Kuba. Bobrovsky gave up a goal from what appeared to be an impossible angle against Calder-candidate Mika Zibanejad, who also proved Ottawa right in passing on Sean Couturier by keeping him off the board with a thundering check. Bobs then gave up three more goals on only ten shots. 

Philadelphia did mount some pressure in the 2nd period after a switch in goal to their high-priced off-season acquisition Bryzgalov, but couldn’t convert on a lenghty 5-on-3. Their defensemen stood around looking paralyzed with the puck, neither shooting nor passing. Bryz then gave up three goals in the final minutes of the third. Also, Nick Foligno and Peter Regin are legitimate NHL hockey players.

Truly, Philadelphia Flyers fans should be worried about how poorly their team played last night – their second blow-out loss in their last three games – and management should be panicking about where the season is headed. Adjustments are required. They knew they would stink heading into this year, but they certainly don’t want to rival some of the worst teams in league history, like the 1992 Ottawa Senators.

We Ottawa Senators fans should thank god we’re not Philadelphia Flyers fans. Can you imagine what they must be going through?


2 thoughts on “1-5-0 is the new winning

  1. What are you talking about he will give antnyihg to win?? He cant score or give assists, all he can contribute is penalty killing. Thats a waste, its a lot easier to train a player to be good on the penalty kill than teach a foward to score and make plays. He is replacable. Good job buddy for defending your Betts lol. Your right the Rangers definately should have paid him to take a spot on the 4th JUST so he can kill our penalties which sometimes we only get a couple a game. Why wouldnt the Rangers want a younger 4th line center that can actually contribute offensively and not just defensively? You are a clown, get off Bett’s stick. We are the best in the PK thanks to Lundqvist. He brings all he has when its PK time. You are the kind of fan that like all the crap players just because they have heart. Don’t tell me you want the Rangers to sign Dubi to play 1st line with Gaborik? lol

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