James Day Preview: Florida Whateverblades vs. Ottawa DaCostcos

I did NOT add that moustache

Welcome Sens Clams!

Before we get started some BREAKING NEWS:
So, by now you may have seen that incredible photo dug up by member of @WTYKY NATION! and Peter Regin crush haver @ldots13 of Rundblad, Karlsson and Zibanejad dressed up as The Doobie Brothers for Halloween on David’s Rundblog. But that, gentle reader, is not why you come here. No, you come to Welcome To Your Karlsson Years for the story BEHIND the story. Sure, we are all, each and every last one of us, happy and excited about those Hallow’s Ween costumes. That’s clear. Did you know, dear friendo, that in addition to being an offensive defenseman, fancy hair haver, riverboat gambler and handsome gadabout about Skelleftea he is a BEAT POET. Yes, all one has to do is cut and paste some of David’s blog posting  work into google translate and BOOM the Kerouacian beat poetry just leaps right off the page. Let me lay this hep poem taken right off his blog from google translate on you daddio/mommio…

-Dim the lights. *Walking jazz bass line and bongos by candle in bohemian night club*

Pocket books
When my birthday, it was something new.
Now I’ll be book mart. Street Smart – book mart,
It was a heated discussion
A few years ago in the locker room.

What is best to be?

The person in question
claimed that
street smart
Was best for when it gets on the street
But also argued
That it would fare at least as well
At a national university,
Only he
Had more time.
Street smart
Might not be
Such a bad thing

*blows out candle*

Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig. Cool man cool. Reeeeeaaaal Melvin. Heavy stuff.

So yeah, jazz game night? With Mika Zibanejad being returned to DirtGarden of the SEL (we’ll miss you Mikachu!) and the collar tug inducing injury to Peter Regin’s pile of shattered glass above his arm, the line up is wide open going forward. Its about to look REBUILDY up in here. Stephane DaCosta will get a look at 2nd line centre tonight twixt Alfredsson and Foligno. I don’t expect miracles from the kid but I think he’ll do a lot better in that role and hopefully can get the haters off his back with a solid performance tonight. Even if he has defensive deficiencies, it’s not exactly a high pressure year and the Sens are performing above expectations, let the kid fly a little out there! I mean…Spezza has been defensively responsible for like half a year and he’s in his 9th season! Alfie’s on his wing and we all know, Papa Alfie will take care of everything! ….Right guys? Uhhhh…Moving ON!

Battle of Blade III’s (on DVD): Craig Anderson gets another start and why not? Hot shots always play the hot pockets. Right? That’s how that goes. Absolutely a saying.
Anderstud *rolls eyes at self* is coming off his best performance of the three game winning streak in Carolina. A couple of heartbreaking goals got past him late sure but without Andy the Sens would have been right out of that contest after the first period. In fact, if Anderson didn’t pitch a shut out for about three quarters of that game things could have gotten STEVE MASONY up in that piece and NO ONE wants that. Also, is anyone else getting a little more steely watching shootouts? Our man is NAILS in those things. I still have a few years of trauma to work off but if Andy can hold it down like he’s doing could make for a welcome change of thinking “well at least we got one point” when OT runs out.
For the Big Cats (not to be confused with David Rundblad’s poetry group of the same name) Swedish rookie Jacob Markstrom is unbeaten in his last 2 starts and is boasting a Khabibulin blood alcohol levelesque 0.75 (GAA) in his last two. Not much is known about Markstrom other than he was touted as “The best little goaltender in alllll the outside the NHL land” for a while. Well, now he’s IN the NHL and seems to be living up to his billing. Im telling you, Florida could surprise this year. Lord knows they could use it…just not tonight.

What else? Kaspars Daugavins THE DOGMAN DOGMAN DOGMAN DOGMAN looks to do the Bartman all over Florida’s stupid faces (and I think we can agree that their faces are pretty stupid) in his 3rd NHL game. Though held off the score sheet 30 Helens agree that his game against the Canes had the inspired tenacity that we expected.
Would love to see Rundblog get some Power Play time tonight …because…I dont know, I’m all about Rundblad today?

Speaking of stupid faces: Can Spezza take over Kessel’s NHL scoring lead already…keep that guy off of TV.

Poll Question:
What is more awkward:
– Your boss telling racist joke (about the race of someone who is listening and/or you)  at work party
– Phil Kessel in pre/post game media scrum

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