More thoughts on last night’s victory…

Hey Everybody, could that game last night have been any more KICK BUNS?

Some pictorial musings for your viewing pleasure…

What's awesome with this picture?

Did anyone else catch this former Montreal fan ABSOLUTELY losing his shit on the DaCosta goal? This guy is your Frank D’Angelo Presents Cheetah Power Surge Brain and Nerve Tonic Presents WTYKY First Star of the Game. Welcome to the Brother and Sisterhood of Ottawa Senators Fans. Also, please change your shirt as quickly as possible, there is a strict dress code policy against tattered rags.

Sonya, Johnny Cage, Foligno, Raiden, Scorpion, Sub Zero, Frank D'Angelo...

  Goal Jesus finally repaid professional hockey player and local event shower upper Nick Foligno for all his effort with a beautious goal last night. The guy has put in the effort required for about 15 goals so far this season but always seems to come up short. If Goal Jesus (.com) feels it is part of His devine plan to bestow upon Foligno one MEGAGOAL (trademark) every ten games who are we to mess with the universe?

Holy Kristmas is this team more fun to watch than last years! What can I say, I love these Shaemuses in short pants. FOUR IN A ROW!


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