In Which We Discuss Craig Rebuilderson


Steven (yeah that’s right watch us drop this on all your heads, Steven started this thread…pretty cool eh? We’re always mixin it up trying new things -smiley face )

Three questions comes to mind after this game.  Has Anderson stolen a win for the Senators yet this season, other then making four saves in a shootout?  Is this a cause for concern? Is this what it feels to be a “western style” NHL team? 

The Mighty Varada

I’m pretty concerned with a $3m goaltender with a .88% SP. He’s been mediocre at best, and sometimes brutal. Auld hasn’t been much better. But I’m not quite in desperation mode. He’s not consistently bad, so he’ll get the starts. But if Lehner plays as well as he did for a few more games, they’ll have an interesting decision to make.

James (less than mighty)

I think it a tad unfair to say that Anderson DIDN’T steal those shootout wins. He did. No denying that. Andy even gave the boys more of a chance then he should have had to in the S/O against Buffalo. He has not been a star on this team by any stretch outside of it his shootout performances though. It’s a bit frustrating that he has been in ‘eye of the tiger’ mode in losses and looked mortal in wins. I call it The LeClaire Technique (remember all those “Pascal LeClaire first star with 68 saves in 3-1 loss!” games, No? I don’t remember that guy either –its called Sports Related PTSD)

I, like Varada who came before me, am not really all that panicked right now. Through the ups and downs I never waiver from seeing this as a rebuild season. 6 game win streak? Cool. Bigger question, how are the rookies looking in those wins? 4 game losing streak? Fine. Our second line centre played for a college I’ve never heard of last season not mention no Alfie in the lineup (which is something the team needs to get used to anyway).Anderson looking ordinary out there? Meh, hows Lehner developing down in Bingo? If the Sens finish in the playoff race, amazing, just please Bryan, don’t lose sight of what this team is. If they were to defy odds and make it to the post season I hope that they do it according to the original plan ie. no surrendering of picks. If they had it set up to sell Kuba or whomever at the deadline, carry on. If they come in 14th, so be it, that would still technically be better than predicted.

So, what does this have to do with Anderson? I guess, again, I’m looking big picture. I’m almost more concerned with how he does NEXT season than this season. I want the Sens to win too but this is the one season we can most afford to ignore getting into a “goalie controversy” distraction for what feels like the twelfth time. Leave that toToronto. If Anderson has a cold streak in November fine, let him learn to heat up again. No need to bring Lehner up to go on an extended road trip against the likes of Hall, Eberle, Nuggie-Hopscotch, and the Sedin bros. To go to Varada’s stat, 88% is disappointing, but 3 or 4 percent more and he’s back to respectable goaltending stats. I don’t want to sound dismissive but for real, if they keep playing entertaining hockey and keep the blowouts to a minimum I’m a happy customer for the 2011-Mayan Apocalypse season. Speaking of entertaining, uhhh…who put the café au lait in Stephane DaCosta’s baguette last night? L’enfant est inspirée! I kind of believe in that kid a lot. He is rough around the edges for sure but I love that he doesn’t play scared. That’s what makes the best players on our team like Krang Karlsson so fun to watch. Still very early. Alons les boys!

“This song is about REAL TALK with your girl, so I called it REAL TALK” – R. Kelly, seemingly terrible person/amazing singer/life coach

 The Still Mighty Varada

Well said! Keeping it in perspective. Nicely done. We’ll only need about 10,000 more “Steeeeeady boys” speeches following losses this season, promise.

Agreed bout Da Costa. He looked saucy last night. He almost slapped Lundqueesy with a leather glove.
How do we feel about this upcoming West coast road trip? “Steeeeeeaady boys.”


The Mayor Jim Watson of Sens Fans up in this peace.
I think this road trip will be rough in spots for sure but the recent losses have been pretty close with encouraging moments. I am also managing my Alfie expectations. If anything I am a bit worried about Papa Alfie pushing himself back into the fray too quickly. Though its not Russian Machine Never Breaks still Swedish Machine…you know…Breaks, But Tends To Recover Very Quickly. I smell a NEW new blog name! I don’t think its insane to think they could potentially come out respectably. Baring some sort of shame spiral. Though they’ll be battling fatigue the Sens will probably start playing low risk road hockey (yes, street hockey) and could come out with a few cheeky wins. Man, Im going to miss going to games 😦 What becomes of the Dogman with Alfie back? I hope they take him along in his kennel. Thats not a joke, the NHLPA is prejudiced against Latvian players and forces them to travel that way.


1 thought on “In Which We Discuss Craig Rebuilderson

  1. “But if Lehner plays as well as he did for a few more games, they’ll have an interesting decision to make.”

    No they won’t.

    They made a conscious decision to let Lehner play this year in the AHL. Nobody in the front office is delusional enough to think they can compete this season. Even if Lehner dominates the AHL and Anderson struggles in Ottawa there’s still no reason to bring Lehner up. They made this mistake three years ago with Elliott when Baby Food was playing like shit.

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