James Day Preview: Ottawa Groupons Vs. Florida Grey Poupons

OH. You thought you wasn’t gon’ see ME? I’m the Osiris of this blog! See, just because it’s the Happy Hollandaise, doesn’t mean the WTYKY machine is sleeping in until 4 in the afternoon, half eaten KFC double down in each hand. No. Whatever gave you that impression? Is it because we don’t really post on weekends or is it the fact that I’m only wearing less than fresh jogging pants right now?  Whatever your problem is, fear not; let me be your spirit guide for a very special James Day Preview.

Tonight we get another look at the Florida City Big Cats as our beloved boys in whatever jersey colours they are wearing tonight play host at The Nova Scotian Financial Services Building. Take a look at all of those Floridian faces and remember ‘em because  according to the NHL realignment plan they will become our BITTER rivals when they join us in the Bridgestone Tires Presents the Travelocity.ca Division next year…well, just until our impending demise in The Mayan Apocalypse of December of the 2012 season that is. I DON’T REMEMBER WHAT EXACT DAY, ALRIGHT! WHAT AM I, MADE OF PREDICTING THE END OF THE WORLD? …

So, GAME TONIGHT, right?  Did anyone else get that Groupon deal for 5 tickets and 5 $10 dollar vouchers for the Precious Times Relaxment Massage Parlour on Montreal road? Stop by and say hello to the whole WTYKY family as we will be on hand in what I imagine will be seats that are located in the last row of a very, very hard to sell section!

You may remember the last time these two teams met the game was of the exciting variety. Nick Foligno shot candy cane dreams out of his eyes with less than 5 seconds remaining. Which kind of  made sense back then. You know, Sens Rule, Florida Stinks, whatever, case closed. Not so fast, the Island of Misfit Free Agents have since become the new kings of the South Easy (that’s right) division. Thanks in no small part to their solid play/coaching and Washington’s signature blend of Deluxe Bed Shittery they now sit in 3rd overall in the East. Yikes right? Mmm I don’t know, I think this is going to be a pretty good little game actually.

Okay, before I get to talking about Kyle Turris *rim shot*
Can I get a small timeout to acknowledge that Daniel Alfredsson has 22 points in 28 games AND IS THIRTY NINE YEARS OLD. He’s also missed time suffering a  concussion this season. Hold me closer Papa Alfie. Wow.

First star of the week, Jason Spezza continues his very impressive run. Another multipoint game could vault him way up in the overall rankings but still far behind leader Claude Giroux who decided out of nowhere that he is Mario Lemieux and is on pace for eleventy billion points. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF just pass Phil Kessel and I’m happy Spezz!

Turris Korner: We are each and every one of us hoping without being overly excited (just kidding I’m a bit excited actually) about seeing another solid performance from new acquision Kyle Turris. I must say, getting a point on a very nice feed to Condra off his own rebound aside, I was pretty damn happy with Turris’ overall performance. Good on both sides of the biscuit, very, very fast, always seemed to be involved with the play when he was on the ice. Keep doin what youre doin white boy.

Special little guy watch continues
With 5 points in his last 2 games, what can be said about the kind of season Erik Karlsson is having? Well, one thing you could say is that he already has more points than Alex Kovalev did as a Senator last year. Ditto Mike Fisher. Ditto Everyone except Jason Spezza this year. He is on pace for over 70 points right now.

On the Florida side, watch out for Brian Campbell who is actually enjoying a good season for a change looks to continue being a Special Grown Up Guy Who Gets Paid A Crazy Amount of Money.

The Net. My favorite 90s movie about tonight’s goaltending matchup:
So even though the Buffalo Sabres are an injury riddled money vacuum, Craig Anderson actually had a quiet little bounce back game on Tuesday. Aside for the one total Snuggle Fabric Softner Bear that he let in. Whatever though, if you let in just one goal that’s fine softie or not. Lets see if he can keep it up  against stiffer competition. Go Craig!

Jose Theodore gets the start in goal for Florida so watch out if it’s a contract year for him because that guy is ALWAYS ON (…when it’s a contract year).

Enjoy the …WAIT …whaaaaaaaaaat
Update: Peter Regin has re-reinjured his re-re-reinjured shoulder and will not play tonight. He is considering surgery. Get well soon, what’s left of Peter Regin’s shoulder/future. Safe to say that no one will be considering pulling on the number 13 for the Senators anytime soon. That has gone…less than smoothly for the young Dane.

Oy that’s depressing news…I want to leave on a bit of a higher note. Did anyone catch Matt Carkner tossing Jason Pomminville to the ice like he was a stuffed WWF Wrestling Buddy for even thinking about crowding the crease after the whistle? It was bad ass. Here’s an artist’s conception via shitty screengrab:

You Don't Mess With The Brohan


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