Capital City Sports Team Experiences Positive Occurrence!


4 thoughts on “Capital City Sports Team Experiences Positive Occurrence!

  1. I thought this headline was dead?

    So what you guys think. Do we make a deal at the deadline? Or let the boys play hockey. Chemistry is not something to be trifled with!

    • This team is not perfect (see winning almost every game in the third – not complaining) BUT to me its not supposed to be at this point. So far, it’s just an indication of how a combination of drafting, player development, coaching and good team balance (great mix of vets and newcomers) have created a pretty damn strong team. They aren’t quite incredible yet and sure they could use some pieces. They face losing a top 6 forward/ heart and soul if Alfie retires, Phillips seems to be in his mozzarella years, Gonchar and Kuba, despite having great seasons aren’t getting any younger either. I don’t want to sound like a broken record but I really hope Kyle Turris is the big move of the year. Murray made a splash, gave up a lot (which you have to do these days, im sorry) and did not eff up the team chemistry in the process. Instead he made the team better. If Murray got his hands on a legit top six forward or top pairing D man…im not going to blow my brains out or anything (you wish). That said, frankly, I’m super stunned at the amount of people who are suddenly proposing giving up this year’s 1st, Zibanejad and a roster player (all signs unfortunately point to Foligno a former 1st rounder himself) for a guy like Parise or Bobby Ryan. I’ll bet dollars to meatnormous omelets that these are the same people shitting their diapers when Rundblad got moved. What a difference a couple of weeks make. I know this is the price you pay in the cap era is pretty much always high for good players, I.E. 2 Firsts and a Second for Kessel type thing but don’t we want to keep this 18 year old power forward we just endured such a shitty season to get? Don’t we want to keep our first in this apparently deep draft full of defensemen? I thought in a rebuild we kind of want to keep our picks and crazy high end guys we just drafted? The first round, though always a gamble, is generally full of tons of surprise talent no matter where you pick. Karlsson went 15th and Corey Perry went 28th. If a guy taken in the draft works out well, you get to pay league minimum for three years for top end talent, right Sideshow Erik Karlsson? The team has been drafting, I’d say, exceptionally well since Murray took over. Let’s enjoy the success THIS team has so far EARNED and keep building from within and in the future we can still have some cap space for our hoverhockey squadron on the moon when Karlsson is one of the 5 richest kings of New Oceana.

      • I’ve never liked Ryan. Sure he has loads of talent, but he’s also got loads of attitude, which isn’t something we need right now. Not to mention in a recent interview said, and I’m paraphrasing here: “I’ve stepped it up and you’d think my play recently would quiet down the trade rumours.” I think we need a guy like Ryan, like we need Semin on the grind line.

    • tread softly Ottawa… that’s all I gotta say

      I gotta ‘ther one… Don’t rock the boat

      one more…. if it ain’t broke

      okay, you get it

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