James Day Preview: Ottawa Referees vs. British Virgin Islanders

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Hi friends and youtube videos of baby animals alike,

Let’s get this one out of the way. There’s no need to argue Referees just don’t understand (remix). Also, doesn’t homework/doing dumb chores, STINK!? *mops brow*

For what it’s worth (absolutely nothing for those keeping score) I agree very much with Peter Rraayymmaakkeerrss (Ottawa’s #1 producer of Rays and Ray manufacturing innovation) from Silverseven, that though the reffing was bad Sens didn’t exactly help their odds of winning that Boston game either.

Let’s review a few non-referee moments from that game shall we?
1. Sens allow their now legendary first goal of the game.
2. Chris Phillips allows 5 foot 8 Brad Marchand to make him look like a pile of fig newtons numerous times
3. Craig Anderson allows a goal on shot taken in Tupelo,Mississippi (look, it haaaaaappens, softies go in, but…just acknowledging this was a complete tide-turner)
4. Lots of missed opportunities for goals. Including Alfie’s post but not limited to an absolute gift left on Bobby Butler’s stick.

Speaking of Bobby Beantown it has been a rough stretch for that little guy lately. Something tells me the net is looking like one of those Skills Competition mini-nets to him right now. Did anyone else think that things were going to get a bit smoother after his two goal game against Calgary back in the mid 17th century?

Okay back to the essence, so my quick (yes, that is possible for me) word on the officiating in Boston: Referees are human beings like you and, to a lesser extent, me. They are just trying to trudge on up this salmon run of life into the next day until you just wish Flanders was dead.

As such, I DO think that they are susceptible to emotion. Maybe that Boston game was a game got the better of the refs and players and coaches and Denis Potvins and Jameses’s emotions alike. IIIIIII don’t know about all this conspiracy bullshit stuff but heyyyyyyyyy (yyyyy) that was not the best reffed game I’ve ever seen. Maybe the biggest question I was left with afterward was this: Calls get missed but am I really supposed to believe that the Boston Bruins put up a Lady Byng game? Not one penalty (fights aside)? It’s a pretty tough pizzone to swallow that the most penalized team in the league played a clean sheet? If it was Detroit or Vancouver or something, mmm I could see that kind of discipline. I didn’t think Boston played a particularly dirty game but it wasn’t a flawless game either. So that whole thing coupled with the non-call on Karlsson’s icing touch up that Denis Potvin rightly pointed out that, to not call it is basically to encourage a hit from behind felt very unusual.

Lastly…ill let that brutal “offside” on Spezza slide as a mistake though it would have sprung him for a crucial late game breakaway with the Sens down by one. FFFFFFF. Refereeing wasn’t THE factor in the loss but I think it’s a bit fair to say it was A factor. It made what was at first looking like a really great game for the Sens into one of the most frustrating outings of the season. Let’s hope they use the very obvious frustration they experienced to pancake ‘nem Islanders.
Onwardish and upwardish!

Do you know who Salt and Peppa wrote the song “What a Man” for?
Neither do I. Well not for certain at least. One camp staunchly believes it was written for Erik Karlsson while there is a new paradigm of thought emerging that makes a strong case for Kyle Filbert Turris. Either way, I think I’m gonna have someone’s baby.

Karlsson has been stupidshit hottt lately (all season) with a whopping 22 points in his last 20. King K is starting to show an increased S.W.A.G. rating in his goal scoring game as evidenced by his beauty against Right Winger Tim Thomas on 2zdaii knight (honestly, have you ever read someone more annoying than me? Just…insufferable at this point.)

Kyle Turris, though going scoreless for a couple up until his tally against the Bruins is so far showing that he’s going to be on the board more nights than he wont.. For a guy who missed training camp and had only skated in 6 games before landing on the slushy shores of O Town, Turris is showing some very, very promising chemistry with Daniel Alfredsson. I thought Gonchar looked incredibly sharp last game and I’d love to see another solid performance tonight…and the NEXT night from him.

Meanwhile for Long Island, home of Fish Stick Fishermen and Rich People who want to/can afford to get away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, there are a few serious threats afoot.
They likely wont be cracking the top 8 this trimester but the Islanders look like they might be waking up a little bit, relishing their upcoming spoiler role.

I don’t catch too many  Isles games but I am pretty excited to see John Tavares in action. His numbers so far may not justify the “next one” touting from analysts leading up to his draft day *rolls eyes at the almost yearly rolling out of that saying, right Angelo Esposito?* but Johnny T (I assume that’s his nickname…actually, how about, Taveresy, yeah that seems more accurate) has a very impressive 53 points in 49 with Matt Moulson Dry and PA Parenteau clocking in with a respective 46 and 45 points. I know, damn, I didn’t realize this either. That’s not even considering there are some other very decent threats in Kyle Okposo, who might have the best last name going, Mark Streit and Michael Grabner. NY could be on the creep creep tonight. Let’s hope the Sens come out playing like they know how important this game is for the fate down the line or even just building momentum going up against Toronto tomorrow.

Keep the smoke on the motherfuckin’ low
Will the real Kaspars Daugavins scoring a goal every once in a while please stand up? I hate to single out The Rooster but considering his average ice time of 11 mins and his display of goal scoring ability demonstrated in the AHL, I kind of expected the Dogman to have I don’t know TWO more points than the injured Jesse Winchester (who hasn’t played since December) by the all star break. Phun Phakt: Winchester is currently on pace for more points than Daugavins. Not bad for a guy who hasn’t been skating until a couple of days ago.
Again, its not just Daugavins that’s been keeping the smoke on the low, the bottom 6 players have gone from the being the one-two punch of production that was powering the Sens into the playoff race to icier than Max Keeping’s fingers. Seriously, have ever seen that dude in public? Guy is ICED OUT.

Maybe we saw it coming but it would be awesome to see Zack Smith take a little pressure off himself and put one up and correct his steep decline after an amazing early campaign. With the tonight’s bizarro line up combos hopefully, the addition of Colin Greening will wake up the Zack Attack. Can we come up with a name for this Greening-Smith-Neil line up? I submit the “Watch you don’t get stupid punched in your big stupid face dot geocities dot net” line. There’s no judgments during brainstorming.

Sandra Bullock in “The Net” (No, seriously, she is starting for Ottawa tonight) Tonight in net Mike McKenna gets the. Ohh…wait
BREAKING: According to as;dlfajwer Craig Anderson will be getting the emergency fill in for the Senators. Getting ridden hard but I have a hunch this is the kind of game Craig Anderson needs to get back on track. What is this, “win and youre in”? HAHAHAHAHA what kind of NHL team would do that HAHAHAHAHA *single tear*
Goaltender who people forget plays in the NHL, Evgeni Nabakov gets the start for New York.

Finally, I’d like to end on a serious note. Tomorrow night is Do It For Daron night at Scotiabank Place. It is hard to believe that it has already been over a year since we lost Daron Richardson at the age of 14.

We can all appreciate what a tough time it is to grow up and an even tougher time for those who are struggling with mental illness. Please check out this important organization dedicated to breaking down the stigma of mental illness and providing resources for those who may be in a similar situation that Daron found herself in, so that they can find out that they are not alone. To learn more or donate: http://www.doitfordaron.com/


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