James Day Preview: Ottawa Fightin’ Bishops Vs. Tampa Bay Flyin’ Brian Lees

Bishop jokes, everybody!

Hi everybody. Welcome to this website.

I’m going to start this off with a question. I’m reading this book called Blogging Poorly For Dummies and its says to “Do stuff like that”…wait does that title mean that I’M the dummy that the book is for or that I’m blogging FOR dummies? I guess I’ll just file that under “Mysteries of the Unknown.” Okay, well, I think that just about covers this delightful blog entry, thanks for stopping by…WAIT WHAAAAT?!?! THERE’S A GAME TONIGHT?!?! This book doesn’t say anything about that…LOOKS LIKE IIIIIIIII’M THE DUMMIE(EEE). Oh, Fake ‘For Dummies’ Book I Made Up, you really know how to cut me to the core.

Question: Hey, y’all, is the Senators place in the standings starting to look at little precarious?

I don’t want to be Harvey Blogtrotter and get all panicky on your birthday just because the Sens lost two games in a row, but with the Jets heating up at the right time for them / worst time for Ottawa and trailing the Jets are the Caps the most talented shitty team in the East, I find the Sens 4 point foothold on 7th place a little shaky at the moment. This week is a very important one points-wise for the Senators as they are facing WTYKY Punching Bag Tampa Bay, the very good but beatable NY Rangers, and WTYKY Punching Bag, Buffalo Sabers. Points done need gotted. Exspecially tonight.

Let’s just get to the big story of the game, shall we:
Tonight’s match up marks the first time the Sens will face Brian Lee since his trade to Tampa features Ben Bishop dans le filet pour Ottawa. Bishop who only has a few games in the NHL so far in his young career will have his work cut out for him against the stupidly hot Steven Hairstyle and Martin St. Louis…and…some other dudes.
I am personally going to look at Bishop’s debut with a clean slate. Even though he only has a couple NHL games under his belt, if anyone followed Robin Lehner’s recent string of starts in Ottawa, you can stop all the pucks in G/D world but if the rest of the team only puts a handful of shots up against the Blackhawks in the entire second period, you cant blame the goalie for every loss. I for one welcome Ben Bishop with a clean NHL sheet. Actually, I might be tempted to cherry pick the fact that since coming over from Binghamton, Bishop has stopped a crazy amount of the basically unacceptable number of shots that that team gives up. Then again, the NHL the AHL, it t’aint. Very excited to take in the mind numbing amount of references to Bishops size by Dean Brown and Denis Potvin… I mean, his Ottawa Senators debut tonight. Oy, they are going to talk about how that guy is tall a lot. WTYKY Game File Brought to you in part by Pizza: Ben Bishop is fucking TALL OR WHATEVER….God. Someone gets the start forTampa tonight (BOOK IT).

No but seriously, ladies and gentlemen, something something Brian Lee:
I don’t know about you Eddy, but I was happy to see Brian Lee get a shot at a club that might give him a full time job. It was not Lee’s choice to be picked in the top ten overall but it was definitely his burden to live up to the lofty expectations of a top ten pick to fans and management. Amen to THAT, right Jack Skille?. Lee was likely never going to fully escape the dark cloud over his head in Ottawa but commendably he was a good solider working hard to bulk up change his game to suit the needs of the Sens and did not act like the baby many others would have after being benched for dozens and dozens of games at a time. Now hopefully he’ll find a nice niche in an organization rife with underachievement inTampa.Ottawa’s acquisition in the Lee trade, Matt Gilroy, looks to avenge his tan’s death in his return toTampa.

Game Crud:
Kidding momentarily aside, Lee, like Tampa, has been hot lately with two points in his last two and the team winners of their last four straight. That’s good for an 8 point jump in the East resting them one point behind the Capitals (who btw stink this year). Not too shabby. HEYYYYYYYY speaking of points, you know who hasn’t been putting those up? Most of the Sens lately!  Rare (though brief) cold snaps from Spezza, Karlsson and Alfie have been big contributing factors in the past two losses but they cant do everything. Which is exactly what they were looking like they were trying to do on the slush against the Panthers…which was just a terrible, terrible game to watch.

Hot Christmas, does anyone want to see Kyle Turris score an MFing goal up in here? I love the kid’s spirit. He works very hard with noticeable second and sometimes third efforts to create opportunities, has been using his  dynamite shot and CANT PUT THE PUCK IN THE NET LATELY. This isn’t so much calling him out as sayin’ Oh, Saint Swithun patron saint of missing high and wide, if you’re OBVIOUSLY reading this, give this kid a little puck luck.  Speaking of deserving some recognition, I was very impressed by the debut of Rob Klinkhammer. He was all over the slush in against Florida hitting people left and right, getting a couple of shots nearly tipping in Jared Seinfeld’s goal and finished the game with a +1 in a losing effort. The Sens will need a complete effort tonight to get back on track. And THAT last sentence is why WTYKY was not invited to that Blogger thing at Scotiabank place! Well…that and all the swears.


2 thoughts on “James Day Preview: Ottawa Fightin’ Bishops Vs. Tampa Bay Flyin’ Brian Lees

  1. I’m a little worried about tonights game because the league fined Karl-winslow-son 2, 500 bones for a slash (talk about a slash to the wallet! am I right?) which will cut his hairgel supply, thus the slickback swede will not be slicked, ergo he might get frizzy, moreover, IT’S ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT WEEKS FOR OTTAWA TO WIN SOME GAMS.
    League sabatoge I tell ya.

    • We can only hope you’re wrong on this one, Smooth B. The Sens are 0-201-0 when Erik Karlsson has frizzy hair. Good thing that is only a hypothetical number because EK’s hair game has only ever been 100% game tight.

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