James Day Preview: Ottawa Don’t Mess This Ups vs. Ottawa-Gatineau Francophone Hockey Fan Canadiens

look at that hangdog expression...he's learnt his lesson!

Hi Friends…just finishing up a text………… here…………………………….wait….ugh, this autocorrect eh? It says “C U soup” hahaha …imagine? K………………and……………….DONE.

Only a few sweet hours left of March Break. I’m not trying to bum you out before the closing ceremonies. I just want to talk to you about a funny thing that only you would get that I saw on Judge Judy today. The guy (or defendant if you want to be a dick about it) was all “She gave me that money as a gift” and the Judge J was all “NO WAY, JOSE!!!” Classic Judy. What a week. It just flew by and now there’s only a few more days of freedom before I’ll be back in Mrs. Lewandowski’s stupid Language Arts class. How did I manage to get stuck with the meanest fifth grade teacher…AGAIN?!

There’s a Hockey Game Tonight!
So, the boys in red, black, and either off white or regular white with gold sparkle…depending on what uniform they are going with, return home to the somewhat friendly confines of Scotia Bank Presents: Place. Puck drop is at 7:00 on CBC, Bob Cole is less than impressive at his job.

The Sens are coming off a tough overtime loss suffered at the hands of impressive individual efforts from Carey Price and Matt Gilroy. What? I kid because I am still pretty frustrated about that love. Look, we’re all sensitive people with so much to give in this work a day world. Sometimes the puck goes in the net and you’re “Correct as usual King Friday,” other times you miss just high and wide and you’re Lou Reed featuring Metallica.
I think Marvin Gaye said all of that.

What I’m saying is, it’s not like Ottawa didn’t try last game but these are the Montreal Canadiens standing in the way of 1st place in the Nor’ East and potential home ice in the post season. Is it too much to ask to pummel the last place team already? That goes for tomorrow’s game against the dung beetles as well. If this team is going to go to / do anything in the playoffs, ya’ll BETTAH get ya’ll act TOGETHA and beat teams they are clearly beatable and get those Viking Points. Is it still Viking Points or did the NHL switch to Acme Crime Bucks yet? That’s up in the air with the new CBA? Okay, let’s move on. What’s that? Everyone skimmed to the end as soon as I started going on about Judge Judy? But you LOVE that show…

You guys, I’m worried about Jason Spezza.
Jason Spezza is going through a rough time. He lost a good friend which alone is like…I don’t know who does a fantastic job at work for a few days after getting news like that. Cant fault the guy at all for not having that extra gear right now. I also think he might have a bit of an injury going on too. He’s missed a couple practices but I find you can get that impression he’s hurt when he is trying to pull the cuuuuuuuuuuuuuutsiest majik over the blue line instead of working it in aka he wants to break into the offensive zone without touching any other human beings. This plan usually results in “not working out.” As was prophesized, over the next stretch if one or a combination of Spezza, Karlsson or Bishop faulters, les boys are going to have a hard time winning let alone taking the North East divisionIcantbelieveIamevengettingtowritethisfuckingsentencewow. Gentlemens…give your boy Spezza a hand this weekend. Dude has well over a point per game up to here. Someone get in there and get a point per this game. Bobby Butler draws into the line up in place of Kaspars Daugavins because I suppose the 3rd line was killing penalties too well. One gets the sense that Turris is due. The effort is definitely there last game. Great to see Greening pot one. I’d love to see Condra the OTHER Colin Greening get one. He has been quietly dependable the past while, let’s get him a present.

Special Little Guy Watch
Resident Goon, Desharnais Dead Lifter and Lars Eller agitator Erik Karlsson is one goal away from the sweet, sweet 20 mark on the season. You can do it little guy! Speaking of goons, this is the type of game where you get the feeling Chris Neil is going to come out of the woodwork and play his ass off.

Smooth Jimmy’s Key To Victory:
The Ottawa Senators must play a version of the last game except where they win instead of lose. You’re probably not going to get 2 points heading to a shootout against Carey Price.

Enjoy the gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame….I love you. Oops…I mean….enjoy the game.
I love you.


2 thoughts on “James Day Preview: Ottawa Don’t Mess This Ups vs. Ottawa-Gatineau Francophone Hockey Fan Canadiens

    • Oh yeah, I figured they were saving him for his home team tomorrow I just cant really help myself from taking a swipe at Bob Cole, who stinks.

      Let us bask in the soooothing sounds of Hughson. It’ll be like a good ol’ fashioned game of NHL ’98 up in here (up in here).

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