Would you or would you wouldn’t not you not really? Jarome Iginla Edition

The nicest man in dodge?

Unsurprisingly, reports have Jarome Iginla once more contemplating a trade out of Calgary. This has been a news story every April, given the Flames have found themselves out of the playoffs for the past three years running. But with only a year left on his contract and the Flames finally looking like they’ll embrace a rebuild, this is probably it for the aging power forward. It’s hard to wrap your head around him in another uniform, but it’s probably going to happen.

At $7MM a year, there won’t be many teams able to take on Iginla’s salary, and unless Calgary is looking to do a “halfie” rebuild—part veterans and part younger players in return—there will be few suitors. Those with the cap space don’t often have the financial means. Those with the means and the space may not have the picks or prospects.

Ottawa could be one of those few teams in the sweet spot. They have the cap space, even after signing Karlsson to whatever he’s gonna get. One thinks they have the money, considering the playoff and All-Star revenue from this year, the buy-outs coming off the books this season, and the fact that Alfie’s salary decreases by about three million bucks next year. They have the prospects to send back in exchange, and a low enough first round pick not to miss it too much.

But is he even any good these days? The numbers aren’t in dispute, even as Iginla has aged: he’s scored more than 30 goals and more than 60 points every single season since 1999-2000, and often playing without a number one centerman. He’s one season removed from a 43-43-86 season. And, let’s all say it again: only one season left on that deal.

The X-factor here is Alfredsson. Would the likelihood of a trade for Iginla increase or decrease if Alfie retires this year? They’re both right wingers, and so Iginla could step in and fill the vacuum of skill, tenacity, and leadership if he’s gone. If he’s not, it may not make sense to have so much money loaded up on the right wing, but then again maybe Iginla would be more likely to accept a trade to Ottawa with the Captain around.

Everyone’s offseason crush is going to be Zach Parise, and I absolutely think Ottawa should be in on that mad bidding war, but I know the odds are slim. What say you? In the absence of younger impact players, would you be willing to part with the picks and prospects to trade for Jarome Iginla?


5 thoughts on “Would you or would you wouldn’t not you not really? Jarome Iginla Edition

  1. I’d be in for Iginla!! This years draft doesn’t seem to contain any Steven Stamkos’, or Sidney Crosby’s, so it’s about as deep as a kiddie pool. Ottawa has drafted well in the past 5 years, at the same time has acquired picks from trades that are looking very promising.

    I am all for building through the draft, but you still need some veteran core, who are key marquee players, and Iginla has been one of those. Calgary hasn’t brought in the right personnel (worst luck ever!!) to help Iginla, but he still puts up a decent 30-40goals a season. You would think the likes of Jokinen, and Badmeester would help him produce, but those guys have done anything but pan out. I feel for Calgary because they seem to have some pieces, good pieces, in which to build from. Thing is those pieces are anything but good.

    All in all Iggy is a character guy, who works hard, and has kept a team of underachievers in the playoff race for a long time (without a number 1 centre). Would love to have him on our team.

    I think Parise is a pipe dream, and a bidding war Melnyk won’t want to be a part of. Can’t blame him, that sticker price will be steep!

    Great blogs all last week. Look forward to reading WTYKY Sens playoff edition!
    Go SENS Go!

  2. Michalek – Spezza – Iginla? That line would be absolutely ridiculous. Bringing in an additional veteren core player would only help the young kids in Ottawa thrive.

    Totally agree with Travis on Iggy being a guy who works hard and has the opportunity to thrive if he’s playing with the right players.

    If the price is right for Ottawa in which we don’t lose any major prospects, (likes of Stone and Silfver) I don’t see why we wouldn’t go for him. If a trade that requires us to give up too much I’d say reject it – Ottawa has already outdone themselves this season with the team we’ve assembled, let’s not totally rock the boat and get thrown overboard.

    • I might be in the minority on this one, but I think Ottawa should trade Stone now while his stock is high. I’m skeptical about his ability to play in the NHL, but his gaudy numbers will convince someone.

      • I can someone what agree with that. I’ve had so many people say his style of play remind them of Dany ‘fuckin’ Heatley. Stands there and just fires one timers and grit shots. Only time will tell…

      • You’re not in the minority. I’ve never been infatuated with Stone. I don’t know what the fans who slot him in alongside Michalek and Spezza next year are thinking.

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