Best of five series starts tonight

You may see a few of these in the stands tonight if those last 300 tickets don't get sold.

I don’t have much information in this post, I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that it’s the first playoff game in Ottawa since April 24th, 2010. And that Torontonians don’t know what this feels like. 

They were handing out free t-shirts downtown. I tried to get one but it’s Ottawa, so a lawyer making $117,000 a year snatched it out of my hands before asking the guy if he could have three more for his kids. I tried to push him in front of an OC Transpo bus, but it’s OC Transpo, so it was late and the guy just got up and walked away. Nearby, a man with an oversized novelty puck hat stared into the middle distance while waiting in line to get coffee, and I thought, “Man, I fucking love the playoffs.”

Needless to say, excitement is in the air. Roughly 57% of that excitement is generated from the notion that someone might actually get killed tonight, especially if the Rangers are losing the game and want to, ahem (puts on Don Cherry voice), SEND A MESSAGE GOOD BEAUTIFUL BOY THAT’S THE WAY.

Anyway, Sens will look to take advantage of the fact that the ice at Scotiabank Place isn’t butter, that the linchpin of the Rangers attack Carl Hagelin is out serving his three game suspension, and that Jason Spezza hasn’t really played yet and so should be well rested.

The WTYKYs crew will be in attendance. If you can guess which ones we are you’ll win the opportunity to buy us a beer.



2 thoughts on “Best of five series starts tonight

  1. What is there left to say……..wore my Jersey to work today and I feel like Im waiting for someone to say something negative, so I can Carkner them into next week. This series is amped to the max now, and very exciting to watch. This is hockey at it’s finest! I heard alfie is gonna dress tonight which is good news. Enjoy the game lads!

    GO SENS GO!!!!

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