Retro Hockey Theatre: Oct 8th 1992, Birth of a Nation

Not sure how many of you die hard Senators fans realize this but the CBC broadcast of the first Sens game is available on Itunes. Possibly the best $1.99 I’ve ever spent. Join me won’t you? As I narrate a hockey game that was oh so much more.

Puck Drop: Lines are Brady, Hull and Turgeon to start. 3 guys with last names synonymous with sports royalty. Hull would go on to be the longest tenured original Senator… 4 years.

19:25: And welcome to the Kerry Fraser show as he sequesters Ken Hammond and not long after Darcy Loewen for holding infractions. Loewen’s infraction  occurs directly in front of the Loeb Club advertisement. I still have my cookie club membership card.

17:30 3 minor penalties killed off successfully. I should mention Bob Cole and Harry Neale are manning the microphones tonight, joined by the great Dick Irvin who I hope gets carried everywhere he goes with those two since he carries them exclusively in the booth.

10:50 Patrick Roy never met a save he couldn’t embellish. This is probably the one and only time he spent a period being outplayed by Peter Sidorkiewicz.

8:25: Based on his current dominance of the lead footed sens I think it is safe to say this isn’t the last we’ll hear from Oleg Petrov. Seriously, he’s road runner-ing the sens right now.

End of the first period. Two tentative teams featuring very busy penalty killers. Pretty obvious there were rule changes and additional points of emphasis during the prior off season. On an unrelated note, why doesn’t Kerry Fraser’s hair have a fake twitter account yet?

Second Period

19:34 And there it is the first goal in modern Sens history. On fresh ice Neil Brady double taps the puck into the yawning cage. He would only go on to score 7 more that season. His first and last as a Senator.

16:15 – Kerry Fraser with the 4th dubious call on the Sens in the first 30 minutes. Thus begins the no lube era.

15:25 – Wait, hold everything! Incontrovertible evidence that Fraser can call a dive as he sends Petrov off. This creates a 4-3 on the power play for the sens, which should open things up as much as can be expected for a team on its way to losing 70 games.

13:03 – Behold! The patient zero of d-bag Montreal fans attending Sens games. Even if this guy does live in Montreal, the damage is done. A new generation operating with the understanding that its okay to fill your home barn but cheer for the opposing team.

9:56 – Goal! Doug Smail nets the second marker for the sens. One of 4 he’d go on to score that year, his final in the NHL. It’s not all bad news though. Smail would go on to record 169 points in 93-94 in 53 games for the Fife Flyers on the British Hockey League…good for second place on his own team. What the fuck Britain? Get your Smail together!

9:15 – Short lived euphoria here as Mike Keane hammers home a shot that ends up deflecting of defenceman Mark Osiecki…which is a life-altering sentence to type… 2-1 Sens.

8:00 – Bob and Harry are absolutely making love to the various synonyms for “terrible” while describing the shit sack sens. Current euphemism count as follows: Feisty: 13, Gritty: 10, Ethic: 7. Pretty dry stretch in the middle period here, much like the mid point of the first. Darcy Loewen’s mullet continues to inspire however.

If you’re wondering when the Ottawa fans picked up on the wave. Well, like all waves it’s origins were organic. Even in a staduim that features a wall.

4:25 – Ken Hammond is going Ken H.A.Mmond in this game! Off a tremendous pinch the big fella pots one to make it 3-1. He even flashes additional agility with a stellar jump celebration. As Harry Neale mutters to himself “When’s the parade?”

And the Procurement Officers are going wild!

End of the Second period 3-1 Sens. Shots are 26-18 Sens and Jacques Demers consoles his charges by admitting in the dressing room that they can’t play any worse.

3rd Period

18:25 – Scary moment here as Brad Shaw’s head goes all squeegee on the glass then the ice. Pretty obvious he’s out before he hits the ice. Eventually he’s escorted off via stretcher. No call, allow me to reiterate: Kerry Fraser can go suck off a bunch of rusty exhaust pipes.

14:25 – Vincent Damphousse converts a rebound as 9 sens stand around and ask for an autograph. Mark Luongo doesn’t get one. 3-2 Sens. Hold the Black Label Mabel! We got ourselves a hockey game here.

Shout out the sens DJ Wicked Wendy Daniels for he sharp selection of every classic rock song ever. Steve Miller and ZZ Top dominate the PA as unfortunately the Manchester Dance scene is still a ways away from infiltrating the NHL’s smallest arena and North America’s most uptight city.

9:08 – Witness history my friends. The birth of the Ken H.A.M.mond hat trick. 1 – Play one year for an expansion team. 2 – Score a goal. 3-  head butt a french guy. The franchise’s first ever ejection! Truly the stuff of legend.

7:57 – Guy Carbonneau – Scratched – Hep C… More like Green Carbonneau amiright?

3:35 – Don’t mean to alarm anyone but Mike Peluso is logging crunch time shifts in a one goal game. He just iced the puck to a thunderous ovation and the generic, non-queen version of we will rock you is blaring form the 15 watt loudspeakers. If that doesn’t encapsulate the early years for this team, nothing does. Meanwhile Dick Irvin is lamenting the fact that there hasn’t been an update on Brad Shaw, jeez Dick c’mon It’s called Twitter. Look into it!

2:14 – Sly Turgeon, easily the Luke Perry of the early sens, buries a turn behind St Patrick to make it a 4-2 game. As an aside nothing says multimedia fan experience like bringing a Sony Sport Walkman to a sporting event.

0:24 – Kirk Muller pokes a rebound past Peter Sidorkiewicz who has had a stellar game so far. This is the first ever recorded instance of that “holy shit the sens might blow this one” feeling that would permeate the early years. 4-3 Sens.

0:10 – Doug Smail pots an empty net goal to ice the game and in the process sets the Guiness World’s record for most consecutive times hearing Trooper’s “Raise a little Hell” Seriously, they probably didn’t listen to it that many times during post production prior to its release. 5-3 Sens.

Credit to work ethic here. The young Senators moved their feet and drew several penalties and didn’t let the Montreal offense achieve any kid of rhythm. If only Kerry Fraser adhered to the stringent new rules as the season wore on. I give this game 3 out of 5 Alanises


4 thoughts on “Retro Hockey Theatre: Oct 8th 1992, Birth of a Nation

    • How good was Sly Turgeon, really? He was the pre-cursor to the turn it on/turn it off intensity we’ve come to know and love with Jason Spezza.

  1. Osiecki!!!!!!!! That was totally not on him, bad bounces are a part of the luck and to and fro of hockey games.
    Yeah, I hated Sly…probably the first Senator skill guy I sharpened my claws and crapped on.
    Good times back then! Spending little to no money and grinding out every…single…goal…no jaded fans, good times…

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