Our Special Little Guy Wins the Norris

Clearly it’s the best time to trade him. His value will never be higher! We could get a second round pick for this year’s draft.

Not much to say here that hasn’t already been said: Karlsson’s win is only an upset in the context that people who haven’t really watched him play that much don’t like his lack of penalty killing. But hey, it’s an award without any clearly outlined criteria. What do you expect? Don’t hate democracy. He could just have easily been robbed because Weber was “due.” I find the Jack Adams way more problematic. (It’s awarded to the coach who does the most with the least OR the coach who takes over midway and makes the biggest difference. Never mind that these two things aren’t valued relative to each other very well, or that we don’t know if “doing the most” is as important as “having the least.” Ugh, who cares.)

Anyway, Pierre McGuire said he puts the over/under on Norris trophies for Karlsson at three, which is amazing.

Especially nice to see the win against former Senator and The One Who Got Away, Zdeno Chara.

Anyway, this is just a quick note to say congratulations to Our Special Little Guy on the best week of his life. I know that if I won a major award on the same week that I made $45.5 million, I’d probably have a spring in my step. We hitched this blog train to the right player. Good thing we didn’t name ourselves “For Relaxing Times, Make it Konoptka Time.”


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