Free Agent Frittata: Day One

If there was any doubt that Ottawa is a team on a tight internal budget, that’s all gone now. Having poured money into Karlsson’s new deal, Ottawa couldn’t even bring in their shutdown defenceman without shipping out a comparable deal in return. Then they took a flyer on two players who figure to contribute or barely play at all, giving them one year deals for about a million each. We’re thinking of changing our name to Welcome to Your Lundin Years.

Foligno for Methot – I think we all knew that Foligno was going to be traded sooner or later. Like Antoine Vermette years ago, he was a player who, rightly or wrongly, had expectations foisted upon him and didn’t meet them. Like Vermette, he was long rumored to be a part of one package or another, and was sought by other GMs who know he can be a solid complementary player. And LIke Vermette, when Murray finally pulled the trigger, it was for a return with potential to go either way.

Ottawa needed a shutdown defenseman, and with players like Jason Garrison getting $4M+ and SIX YEARS (nuts), it seemed the only way it was going to happen was by trade. Also, with Foligno set to get around Methot’s annual pay anyway ($3MM cap hit), they offset each other.

But is he any good? I guess, in a word: maybe. Methot played a career high average of about 17 minutes a night last season, having previously hovered around 16. His CORSI is all over the damn place – Relative CORSI is a terrible -16.3, but QOC was positive (even if it was only 0.920). So he was one of the worst players on a very poor team, basically. He’s also already 27, so he probably doesn’t have much room to grow.

There are plenty of questions about how he was used by coach Scott Arniel, so I’ll reserve judgement. But to me, this move seems about what Murray can afford. If the Senators need to be a team close to the cap floor, then maybe he couldn’t afford a new deal for Foligno and the defenseman he needed. Still, I hate to see Foligno go this way. It’s like trading a likeable guy with some upside just as he’s entering his prime for new carpeting in the dressing room.

Filip Kuba – Unlike almost everyone else, I think $4M a year is pretty reasonable for a guy who can play 18-20 minutes a night. Or, if it’s too much, it’s not by much. I think he’ll be a good player for Florida. Unspectacular and reliable.

You have to wonder if Ottawa would have been better off giving Kuba this deal than having to give up Foligno for Methot, who’s on a four year deal, and makes almost as much as the salary escalates year-over-year.

Not signing PA Parenteau or David Moss – Two random names, I know, but I like both players and thought they’d complement Ottawa’s system well. Parenteau got four years at $4M per in Colorado, and Moss got two years in Phoenix.


6 thoughts on “Free Agent Frittata: Day One

  1. Have to disagree with Kuba, He had one good year in the last three where his role was basically: make d to d pass to Karlsson, get out of the way, and dont screw it up. Sure he was hurt, but old people get hurt. He was generally lost when karlsson wasnt on the ice and for a puck moving defenceman he sure seemed to throw it up the boards alot. He doesnt really have any discernable hockey skills aside from his long reach. He can’t skate anymore, He’s only going to get worse in the next 2 years.
    Not sure about Methot’s upside either, but he played for team canada twice so we know he isnt a scrub. People in the media had good things to say about him. Worst case scenario is a younger replacement for Kuba with a better contract.

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t have been overjoyed to have Kuba back, but at only two years and not having to give up Foligno, I’d prefer it.

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  3. This whole free-agency was a wash……Sens made no moves to improve. Getting rid of FOligno was a terrible move, as he will likely hit his stride in the next year. Kuba was gonna walk no doubt, but if we coulda kept Foligno would he have been worth it (to sign him)? Kuba may have played 15th fiddle to the Karlsson show, but 4mil for a guy who is big, and plays 20+ minutes of all types isn’t all that bad of a cap hit, especially when you consider what was out there and what some other FA’s got. We should have signed Youngblood….

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