Free Agent Frittata: Day Three

Hugh Jessiman – Ah, who cares. It’s a warm body for Binghamton. When is the other shoe going to drop on reaching the cap floor, though?

You have to think that Murray is going to bring in at least another $2MM-$2.5MM player (presuming he re-signs O’Brien and Daugavins to similar contracts to what they received last year), and he may need to fill up to $7MM of space if Alfredsson decides not to return. Maybe Adnan over on SilverSevens gets his wish and we see Alex Semin in a Senators uniform. But I’d bet on more defensive depth. The forward corp is already looking at players in the press box.

Jagr – This is just hilarious. $4.5MM for a 54 point player? Every article I’ve read so far talks about how “invigorated” Jagr seemed last year in Philadelphia, and how he helped Claude Giroux become a dominant player. How about playing with Giroux helping Jagr to score 54 points, which, by the way, was only seven more points than Nick Foligno? Dallas will probably sell a few more jerseys as a result, but can’t imagine Jagr possibly living up to this salary.

Who’s left? – there’s a lot of 30+ year old veterans on the market – Doan, Huselius, Hagman – but not a lot of players who you want taking time from your prospects. Michael Rozsival out of Phoenix might be worth looking into, having played good second pairing minutes to a great CORSI rating. Carlo Colaiacovo too. And then there’s Peter Mueller, who could be reunited with Kyle Turris as two players Phoenix poured all kinds of development time into and got nearly nothing out of.


7 thoughts on “Free Agent Frittata: Day Three

  1. IMHO the Sens are holding off for the new CBA… gambling that the cap will come down and then pick up some good players / contracts off of teams forced to shed payroll.

    • While I agree Jagr is having a bad year. Why dont you watch a Ranger game Anonymous….Jagr is deeednfd like a Superstar player getting double teamed and shadowed by the others teams top defenseman. One season doesnt make you a Superstar…However, 15 plus years of top 10 scoring does…..He should get some more calls…..Crosby is an amazing talent, But the @nd period when he crosscheck Backman 4-5 times 4 feet away from the ref….who then called a questionable hook on Jagr on the other side of the ice is a joke…The NHL should fine both refs for the calls they made on National TV…it certainly does not paint a great picture for up incoming fans who who watched that game

      • IF Suter stays, fat chance I say, but IF he stays, I damn sure don’t want to hear more crap from those guys (Suter, Weber, Pekka) about how they just want a chance to win and want to see Poile bring in help.First of all, their ridiculous asking prices make it pretty difficult for Poile to add anything of note. Secondly, when they play these wait and see games, it puts the team into a position where they can’t do ANYTHING until they find out what Suter and Weber are going to do. By time they make up their minds there are no decent pieces on the market left to add.Thirdly, they’re getting paid like superstars, so act like it. Stop asking for help and realize you ARE the help, dummies. They’re getting paid like superstars, it’s time to nut up and be superstars. Superstars are supposed to make the players around them better. Stop trying to get Poile to wave his magic wand when he’s already done his job by singing YOU.

  2. The Coyotes pour development time into their players like the Senators place value on Russian players. It’s no coincidence Mueller and Turris asked for trades when Tippett became head coach.

  3. Top UFAs left, according to Mirtle at G&M:

    1. Matt Carle, D, Philadelphia
    2. Shane Doan, W, Phoenix
    3. Alex Semin, W, Washington
    4. Andrei Kostitsyn, W, Nashville
    5. Peter Mueller, W, Colorado
    6. Michal Rozsival, D, Phoenix
    7. Petr Sykora, W, New Jersey
    8. Jason Arnott, C, St. Louis
    9. Jamie Langenbrunner, W, St. Louis
    10. Pavel Kubina, D, Philadelphia

    I’ve left off Teemu Selanne, as he will only remain with the Ducks.

    Other UFAs from our Top 100 list still available:

    Forwards: Hecht, Winnik, Fedotenko, Wellwood, Huselius, Langkow, Rolston, Brunette, Hagman, Moore, Brule, Morrison, Stapleton, Dvorak, Halpern, Fehr, Kostopolous, Sturm, Parse

    Defencemen: Colaiacovo, Clark, Hannan, Spacek, White, Huskins, Gilroy, Jurcina, Gragnani, Martinek, Campoli, Gervais, Foster

    Goaltenders: Ellis, Roloson, Montoya, Johnson

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