WTYKY Exclusive Walkthrough of NHL13 Be a GM Mode


You are BryMURR. Successfully drink cup of Earl Grey tea and complete Metro crossword before nap.

Your wife Geri is approaching.

Geri: Bryan do you want an egg salad sandwich? Y/N


Geri: Well, you’re not workin’ get up, go to the kitchen and get it your god DAMN self then.

Get sandwich your god DAMN self? Y/N


A CROSSWORD CHALLENGE APPROACHES! 26 Across – Played Lexie Littletown in the 2008 film Leatherheads (Two words/13 Letters). Accept Challenge Y/N?


Input answer now:


CORRECT!!! *fireworks* You win two sips of tea!

Would you like to purchase Universal Pictures’ Leatherheads on DVD/Bluray Disc? Y/N


Not even if packaged in a 2 for 1 deal with fun for whole family comedy  The Tooth Fairy starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?


Moving on: Your rotary telephone is ringing long distance. Accept call from Rapperswill-Jona, Peoples Democratic Republic of Switzerland?

J. Rocco Spezza: Hey Boss, its Jason….

Warning: Sleepiness levels critical.

J. Rocco Spezza: Uh…Huh huh huh Jason Spezza? I play centre?

Warning: Your long term memory is low.

J. Rocco Spezza: Anyway Boss, I scored two goals and had four assists today in our game against the Appenzell Fondue Fighters! Are you proud of me? Y/N

N. Those aren’t real points, Jason.

CORRECT!!! Appenzell’s goaltender Flan Geburtstag is currently perusing degree in Micro Finance at University of Fribourg and is just taking year off to “figure some stuff out” much to chagrin of his Vater. You win 3 sips of tea.

A CROSSWORD CHALLENGE APPROACHES: 5 down – The exclusion of employees by their employer from their place of work until certain terms are agreed to (7 letters). Accept challenge? Y/N


Input answer now


INCORRECT. Crankiness levels now critical. You are on the verge of napping.

UH-OH! ICQ ALERT system user b1rk1e wants to offer you: Great Deal On Barely Used 2009 Nazem Khadri. Accept Message? Y/N

N. Change ICQ status to: Invisible

UH-OH! ICQ ALERT system user b1rk1e says: Im sorry about trying to big time you on TSN mic’d up…this kid’s got real promise and…

You have selected “LIKE” on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kzgalcl3tD8 you win one sip of tea.

Warning: Tea getting cold.

Your grandson/daughter (you don’t have glasses on) Skylar approaches holding some kind of computer-book.

Skylar: Papaw, someone named @donib says on twitter that he took a poll on Elgin street and 4 out of 5 drunk leafs fans pretending to be Sens fans said that you should trade Erik Karlsson b/c his value’s never been higher. Why does the bad man say shit like this? Is he bored? He also spelled Karlsson, Karlston…and why is he gelling his hair like that? Papaw, if he likes hockey so much why does his shirt have pictures of Hawaii all over it? Papaw?

Dignify with response? Y/N



->Play again
->Retire / Collect old age pension


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