James Day Preview: Tapas Plate Lighteats vs The Ottawa I’m Really Sorry About That


Ladies, ladies, ladies, ladies, laaaaaaaadiiiiiiies. And Gents. Lets get this started by talking about what everyone wants to talk about because lets each and everyone one of us remember that this is the discussion both here AND on twitta, I want to talk about feelings. Here goes, I am definitely on board that it was frustrating that, according to @whamcity’s stats thing, Guillaume Latendresse didn’t capitalize on any of the over 700,000 scoring opportunities that he had against Florida but I think that it’s awesome that he is getting scoring chances. What would be more troubling would be if he was Cheechooianly invisible out there. His timing definitely seems a bit off but after that pass to Turris in Monday’s game I have hope. I don’t think a week of training camp and 3 games is enough for Stella to Get His Groove Back after two years off. After all, I don’t even think Spezza, Alfie (THERE I SAID IT), or even Silfverberg are operating at 100% yet. This isn’t meant as an insult. I’m just speaking to how despite a 3 and 0 record, I don’t even think we’ve seen this team fire on all cylinders yet. I still count Latendresse as a much more obvious case of this than anyone else on the team.

(Come here and check this out: listen up, according to a delightful Francophone I know, I have been informed that Guillaume is French for William and Latendresse is French for The Tenderness…By the power sweatervested in me by the WTYKY Heartless Corporation I hereby rename him Tender Willy. – Speaking of which, Latendresse will not Laten Dress for tonight’s game due to a minor injury……….Prognosis: tender wil— Kaspars “THE ROOSTER” Daugavins fills in.

With Latendresse sitting this one out we will get to see what a Regin-Turris-Alfredsson line looks like. This could potentially be a tough break if for Tender Willy (try it out with your friends!) if this line looks great tonight. Totally possible the way Turris is positively flying out there. On a positive note,  imagine a 3rd line of Latendresse, Smith and Greening? They would be pancaking youngins…well, until both Regin and Latendresse are injured long term or course.

Big Ben (ugh…I know just work with me here…) gets his first start of the year. No pressure homie. Youre only auditioning for your very identity between a starter who is currently rocking a GAA that is not even a whole number and a AHL all star rival who might actually murder you. I think Bishop will do well but Steven Stamkos is like a version of Alex Kovalev that isn’t 40 years old and hasn’t been playing in the KHL for two seasons so… different challenges…different needs. Looking forward to picking apart Bishop with yall regardless of performance!

Who plays goalie for Tampa bay? Anders Lindback. They are both tall. Insiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. 

In terms of debuts, Im more interested to see how Mark Borowieckipedia holds up in his season debut. Patrick Wiercioch, who draws out of the lineup for Borocop, has looked positively NHLian in the past three games. Im hoping for the good problem of them both doing well though they are drastically different players. Keep an eye on Boro’s passing…bit of an overlooked element of his game if you ask me…whats that? No, no one asked? He looks a bit like a ninja turtle in a good way! 

Talkin’ bout Karlsson (Karlsson) Karlsson (Karlsson) Iko Iko An Nay fsdafl;kajsdga;dhlbkfjd g Talkin’ ‘bout Karlsson’s Great!

Thank you, thank youuu. Music everyone. Karlsson is really, really frigging good. I am considering taking time out of watching the video of his goal from last night to check out tonight’s match up. With 4 points in 3 games Karlsson needs to step up and continue to be the best player on the team. How do you coach this kid? “You there, Strawberry…hit a homerun!”

The Tampa Bay Lightening pose the biggest challenge to the Sens season thus far and they have been kind of killing it alllowing 2 goals in 3 games. This is in part why I have had so little of substance to say here! The Sens numbers are basically near impossible to maintain for a long period of time and they did also play last night but expect a fired up Regin to make some noise early on. I hope you enjoy the game more than this preview!


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