James Day Preview: Ottawa Al Silfverssons Host the Buffalo Groupons.



Come Meet Me Up In This Tree So I Can Talk To You About Peter Regin for a Little

I am going to preface this for those of you who don’t read this blog regularly by saying I don’t believe in Peter Regin as a top 6 player anymore. Much like how Jonathan Cheechoo seems like a really, really nice guy; YES, Peter Regin DID have that one great playoff round but that doesn’t necessarily mean I give either guy’s shite point totals as Sens a pass.

I know Ottawa is in a super tough spot down the middle right now but I think the organization needs to REST IT’S CASE in terms of believing this guy will take it to the next level. Another example of a guy a lot of people thought just couldn’t take it to the next level is Nick Foligno. Last season, Nicky’s 47 point performance was just 5 points shy of Regin’s 53 CAREER points. Oh and that 4 points in a playoff round 3 years ago that is the go-to highlight of Regin’s career? Yeah, Foligno had 4 against the Rangers last year. Life goes on without Foligno like Vermette before him. Now Nicky (who was also a decent centre) is in Columbus while Regin was Centring a mix of the first and second lines for Ottawa on Sunday. I acknowledge that Regin is a very good possession player and has great wheels and I also acknowledge that Ottawa needs all the centres they can get with the current Spezzacrisis but watching Regin get knocked around in Montreal really tested my patience as a fan. Last year in his 10 games pre-injury *rubs face and takes deep breath* we witnessed an inspired performance from Regin but this year he has looked listless. Bad timing bro the team is/was really depending on you. Maybe it’s that he is all too aware that his career is basically on the line and with the short season he has even less time than usual to right the ship. Seeing as I am not Peter Regin’s agent (yet) I am completely fine with the Sens mixing it up by bringing in talented but undersized centre  Stephane DaCosta. I don’t expect DaCosta to be too much of an upgrade from Regin per se but he might have a little more fire to his game and could be an effective powerplay engine for the second unit. If he doesn’t get knocked on his ass. Anything to get Regin or you know, THE TEAM (I must keep in mind that the entire team is not scoring right now not just poor #13) going. If the trend of numbers like 2 goals for and 3 against deciding games continues this will not be a team that makes the post season.

Really Getting Behind This Al Silfversson Kid!

In case you missed it, some Vintage* Bob Cole (who doesn’t sound like he’s 80 years old at all) on that Al Silfversson goal on Sunday. Also of note: THE GOAL. Alberto “Al” Silfversson made Carey Price’s glove look like it was in slow motion delivering on a Dave’s Memories of David Rundblad Stretch Pass Marinade (available at fine stores) from Patrick Wiercioch. Silfverberg has been a little quiet but solid with the Senators of late but hopefully his breakaway reminded him that he has a terrifying release that can even take elite NHL goaltenders by surprise. Lets look at it:

Doesn’t. Even. Wind. Up.

Hopefully many more to come from this Al Silfversson. Tonight he’ll be playing on a line with Milan Michalek and Zack Smith…so yeah, gunna be a weird season. Let’s move on 🙂

Ghost of Harry Caray says, “Ottawa Needs to get the Bats Goin”

After losing one game 1-0 and losing another 2-2 (WINK) Ottawa faces a much different challenge against Buffalo. This is a team that can score. Thomas Vanek (boasting a stupefying 19 points in 8 games) is Craig Anderson’s Stefan Urquelle. One a goal stopper the other a scoring machine. They’re the original odd couple! Both Buffalo and Ottawa are looking to take advantage of those respective performances (aaaaadoi). Ottawa’s offense has its work cut out for it facing Ryan Miller but his current 3.11 GAA helps explain why despite the ridiculous out put from Vanek (and Pomminville for that matter) Buffalo currently resides in the 12th slot in the East. *UPDATE: Jhonas Enroth gets the nod in net for Buffalo*
As for Ottawa I ask where is that team that was scoring in bunches? Huh? What’s that? Oh Jason Spezza was on that team…hmmm. Well, question asked, question answered. Seriously though, score some fucking goals. Christian Ehrhoff, who on an hilarious, hilarious note is signed though to the fantastic Star Date 2021, is out tonight, the Senators have a great opportunity here to get back in the win column at home. People are paying good Groupon money to watch you boys play so give them something to cheer about!

Key to Victory: Buffalo stinks.

Bonus Prediction: I will extend my streak of not liking how the game is reffed to an impressive 10 straight!

Fake Offer: If André Benoit gets a goal tonight I will give you FORTY DOLLARS! That would be sweet. The scoring not me giving you $40.

Future Sports Experts Sales Rack Sens Jersey: Guillaume Latendresse #73 away white.

*Vintage in this case simply meaning “very old”.


2 thoughts on “James Day Preview: Ottawa Al Silfverssons Host the Buffalo Groupons.

  1. First off, that picture is fantastic. Second, I have noo idea what to expect from Buffalo. I mean they are usually just an Ottawa punching bag but I have yet to see them play and that Vanek character’s stats are downright scary. Third, thank you for reminding me how long/Calgary-esque that Ehrhoff contract is, Sabres suck

    • Welcome Chef,
      As always, I also do not know what to expect from the Sabers. Even when their star player is scoring at an amazing 2+ points per game clip they are still nearly impossible to care about. Hopefully Papa Alfie uses his first line minutes to bulk up his stats. He is usually a gamer when we face Buffalo. That said I’m pretty sure Enroth has a very good record against Ottawa. The Karlsson-Methot pairing will have their hands full tonight. Especially Karlsson who will be expected to continue being the Sens best forward AND defenseman.

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