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  1. The only way you can look at it is half full…..unless you are a pessimist, in which case i will leave you to your own devices. Injuries make way for opportunity, and this team has loads of “opportunity.”

    Andy was a demon last night; i got scared when Andy went down, because Bishop was comin in cold (had to feel that he was gonna let a couple slip by). He didn’t look like he was on his game but who can blame the guy… Andy get well soon.

    Gryzinski (or whatever) had great puck pursuit last night! That kid is F’in huge BTW.

    Daugavins!! well played sir, way to……..do that thing you did….with the thing, and the puck, in the net.

    I’m not giving up on the season, but as you guys stated, given that it’s short it’s a little easier to bear some usually tough losses and more importantly tough injuries.

    Dudes next season when we get everyone back from the Bubonic plague, we are gonna be a sick team!

    Maybe you should change the name of the blog to Senators: the wheelchair years.. just a thought. I mean things can’t get any worse can they? CAN THEY?!>!

    • I agree Travis.
      As you mentioned it’s a mercifully short season to suffer all of these injuries but there’s still plenty of hockey to play none the less.
      Listening to Paul MacLean’s post game presser was a huge part of why he is such an effective coach. He was stiff moustached lip, business as usual about the whole thing. It’s genuinely reassuring compared to the days of Clouston death staring everyone in the press saying, “someone’s gotta step up” for the billionth time and never really convincing you that he had things under control. At least that’s how I felt. I digress…
      I think it’s going to be messy at times but the team has no choice but to see what several of the prospects are made of. Not necessarily the top tier Silfverberg and Zibanejad guys, those guys are going to get a shot one way or another. I’m talking about situations like last night where Kaspars Daugavins had the game on his stick. Daugman was a finesse scorer his whole career until becoming a PK man in the NHL. It will interesting to see what a guy like him can do with increased responsibility. We’re also going to see stuff like Bishop getthing 5 starts in a row. We’re going to see more of Lehner getting a chance to put his money where his mouth is (!!!).
      It’s not that they haven’t been doing their part but aside from Alfie and Andy it’s interesting how most of the team’s vets like Gonchar, Neil, and Phillips have been fairly quiet while unlikely guys like Benoit, Dziurzynski and DaCosta are grabbing headlines. Sometimes the B squad gets lost in the shuffle when it comes to getting a chance in the NHL. Well boys, here it is.
      That trade for Bishop has been an absolute godsend to this organization. After I saw Anderson get carried to the room last night I said to a friend, “Can someone on this team not get bruised ribs instead of a gruesome season ender?” Thank god he’s listed as day to day.

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