James Day Preview: Ottawa Lehnators Vs. Blahston Brewin’s

Robin Lehner's Dreams depicted by Gummy Bears. Also, the word Gummy, ladies and gentlemen.

Robin Lehner’s Dreams depicted by Gummy Bears. Also, the word Gummy, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s time for everyone’s FAAAAAAAAAAVORITE game, *drumroll* Ottawa Vs. Boston. Not only do the Bruins routinely hand Ottawa their lunch the bonus is THEY ARENT EVEN FUN TO WATCH! So…ENJOY THE GA– I guess I should talk about the game a bit.

This is our mantra for tonight: Win One For the Lehner.
I’m going to spare you the numbers. Yes, the Senators have been absolutely owned by this club but this is why Copernicus invented horse races right? I just wish the visiting horses werent in the same division and didn’t play that snooze fest of a system. Though Ottawa’s struggled over the past few seasons against Boston and though this B’s team is much the same (thanks for adding Seguin and Hamilton Brian Burke!) Ottawa’s team is quickly changing; particularly in net. Gone are the days of starting Elliot/Gerber/LeClaire/Infinity against President of the Republic of New Freeland Tim Thomas. I know Lehner’s shutout a year ago and shootout loss is pretty thing ground to rest such hefty hopes on but even as a rookie he has shown he’s not rattled by the history surrounding this match up….unless it goes to shootout. Either way, though SensKilla Thomas is currently hiding in his New Freeland bunker incumbent B’s starter Ttuukkaa Rraasskk is 4 and 0 lifetime against Ottawa. There is still much work to be done if this periodic curb stomping is to become a proper divisional rivalry. As it stands we’re Boston’s Buffalo. Whats that? oops correction, bad  analogy Buffalo is everyone’s Buffalo. Sorry.

Are you there hockey gods? Its me Marg Methot
As great as it was to see Ottawa go down a man and still manage to pull out an improbable win by mounting a 4 goal comeback in the 3rd period to defeat the Islanders. but that was then, this is now, this is Stouffer’s Boston. I’m as relieved as any Sens fan to hear that Methot’s injured knee is not of a Michalek level and that he’s day to day. Hopefully he’s not the Craig Anderson type day to day. The Senators rally  on Tuesday night was an inspired performance combined with a dash of puck luck (Zibby’s clear high stick, kicked in goal by NY actually called off) against what was a surprisingly tenacious Islanders team. The end result of that game had me thinking,  “Okay they took this one but how’s Ottawa going to fare missing Methot for successive games?” He’s been sometimes quietly, sometimes hipcheckingly stalwart for Ottawa since arriving Methot will be missed if even for a couple of games. As luck would have it Mike Lundin is back from what I thought would be a season ending concussion given his history and the ferocity of the dirty hit he suffered. We know that Marc Methot Lundin is not but for me I’m not so much concerned about him filling Marc’s shoes but rather how Lundin will look out there. Players returning to action after getting their bell rung like that tend to look pretty off for the first several games back . He’ll start the game on the bottom pairing with Eric Gryba. Also of note: May the hockey gods have mercy on our souls.

Alexandre Dangle, Wesley Snipe, Git-R-Done
Lehner will indeed be the Sens biggest factor in hanging in against the Bears but Ottawa has something going for them that they did not in their last match up with Boston: Scoring.
When these two teams last met, it was one of those tough outings where you get a great goaltending performance but they boys just cant seem to pot that extra one to seal it.
Since then, we’ve seen a lot of players get their groove back. Kyle Turris has really started heating up as has Silfverberg, Alfie, and Zibanejad. Ottawa is also enjoying increased support for the back end too with Wiercioch currently riding a hot streak and Gonchar emerging as the Daniel Alfredsson of defence. Wiercioch and Gonch are in tough tonight as the first pairing.

Smoove Jimmy’s Keys to Victory: Use the speed and power of players like Zibanejad and Greening to bully their way into Fortress Boston. Also, dont go to a shootout.

Secret Wish: 
I want to see Brad Marchand get absolutely wallpapered…because it never frigging happens. That guy has such a face for punching….


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