James Day Preview: Ottawa Senators Visit The New Jeez Louise DirtDevils

Never noticed Fabio is basically a mega handsome version of Kovalev

Never noticed Fabio is basically a mega handsome version of Kovalev

Hi my name is James and this is a website. Let’s talk about hockey things. As lovers. (Sorry)

So ding dong the losing streaks dead! Now the Sens only have the simple task of winning several more games against mostly very good teams while making my hair turn white! I’m just kidding i wax my entire body every morning.

Spoiler: Yes I’m about to be this much of a jerk about this…
So in 11 or so minutes of NHL hockey Gatineau’s Jean Gabriel Pageau pulled within 2 points of the Peter Regin Scoring Race. In fairness to managing expectations with JGP, with the season winding down he wont have the benefit of enjoying those extra 26 games that Regin has played to help catch up to his point total. Miracles can happen.
Now, I know I’m being so harsh with no. 13 (fitting!) but this just furthers the argument I’ve been making about when a guy has gone as ice cold as Regin has, put some fresh blood in there and maybe a frigging puck will bounce off their butt and go in (assist on an empty net goal basically the same thing). Anyway, dead horse beaten, Pageau in very limited minutes had a very solid debut exemplified by the fact that he was even on the ice for that empty net goal in the dying minutes of that game with only a one goal differential. Hopefully Pageau can maintain his composure and stay up for the next couple of weeks. He’s earned at least a bit of an extension as of last night.

Luh Luh Luh Lehnny and the Nets
Hot mess how great was Robin Lehner last night? Not that he’s even had to play better than he’s been playing but that kind of a performance was perfectly timed. With the kind of shots Ottawa gives up and their tendency to go dry offensively, all three of Ottawa’s keepers have been under a near Ottawa 67s level of goalie pressure night in and night out (btw great season 67s JJJJJJJJJJ/KKKKKKKKK) . Giving up a paltry two goals could have meant the difference between one point or two or maybe no points (OR FRANKLY WHO KNOWS IN THIS WORK A DAY WORLD!) in an absolutely necessary win. It’s a bit of a shame that the back to back starts means Lehner wont get a much deserved second consecutive start. That said, I am not about to pretend that seeing Anderson between the pipes any kind of problem. Wow, still surreal to write stuff like that… Despite going 0 -2 since returning from his high ankle sprain I’ve thought Andy has looked very much his normal self. Rememeber last year as great as he was for Ottawa Andy would have the odd super shaky start that would knock a lot of people’s confidence in him. Nothing like that so far. Anyway, he allowed a very pedestrian two goals against Florida and none of the three let in against Tampa we’re softies. In other words, I think the lack of scoring and parade to the penalty box were the cause of both losses. 

Return of the M_ _ _ A _ _ K (not a stretch in the SLIGHTEST right there) 
All signs point to 9MM returning to action tonight. I’ll be the first to admit Michalek is probably the injured star I’ve found myself missing the least (maybe not a quality you want to see in a 35 goal scorer) I’m not about to pretend that he’s not a welcome addition to the forward corps. I’m not expecting the moon from Milan in his first game back from having his knee scoped but with a pretty pathetic 2 goals on the year I really hope Milo can get his game on track before the regular season ends or you know…tonight would also be great. Pre-surgery it was no secret Michalek had a hard time creating opportunities playing with Turris. With Jason Spezza pretty much sidelined for the season Milo better get used to it because i dont see that 89-93-33 line getting busted up any time soon and its just weird to picture him on Smith’s wing. Remain well soon Mian Michalek!

With Bryce Salvador and Ilya Kovalchuk both injured and Anton Volchenkov suspended for what I can only assume was acting like a complete Bo$$, expect the Devils to be one of the most boring hockey teams in history tonight…so no real changes there. In all seriousness though, we’ve seen Ottawa blow some wide open opportunites  against Buffalo, Florida and Tampa. A beat the fuck up New Jersey are exactly the two points they team will be in need in the fanny pack(s) when upcoming games against Pittsburgh and Boston come around. Keep #Rihannaing for the stars!

Enjoy the game!


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