James Day Preview: Ottawa Finally Hosts Someone.


Hi everybody.

In the wake of yesterday’s horrific tragedy in Boston I debated if it was gauche to even mention something so grave on a forum this light. Events like yesterday’s have a way of reminding one of how trivial many of things are that we spend precious time worrying about and also how our lives can change in the blink of an eye. Tell someone you love that you love them today and think about those who wont get a chance to do so again. Thanks, that’s all I wanted to say.


Hi! So by show of hands who here reads James Day Previews regularly? ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….well, imagine you read James Day Previews on a regular basis. Now pretend that you well know that I find the Carolina Hurricanes to be such a boring team that I can hardly ever think of anything to write about them. Oh, also, THANKS FOR READING! With the playoffs well out of reach for the Canes stakes are high (in terms of finding a story line!)

Papa? Why do the Hurricanes stink so much? 
It’s just one of those mysteries of the unknown, son. Seriously, I looked at their roster, took a nap, woke up and wondered, “How the hell is a team with some of these forwards stuggling to score goals on the level that Carolina is? I mean, E and J Staal, Semin, Tlusty and Skinner in regular action haven’t just been outscoring a bunch of teams? You know, Washington Capitals style but with arguably better goaltending. Oooo, upon closer inspection you probably shouldnt be tied in second in the East for number of goals against. OOooo…also who are a lot of these guys…this is not…how you say a well built team. Still, you’d think they’d be floating around .500 with those aforementioned forwards and that goalie. Sh’a well works for me. Still wonder why Ottawa kind of struggles against these guys. Luckily tonight’s game is being played in the friendly confines of Scotiabank Piazza and not of the home of the shittiest ice in the NHL, the PNC Arena of Carolina City, Utah (research!)

Guess who's back in the mothafuckin' houuuuse


Just as the Prophecy said, JC makes His return tonight.
That was quick! Just kidding…he hasn’t played since like early October. That’s not a knock on Cowen, his recovery time is pretty remarkable considering all of the “shut down for the season” talk when it happened. Cowen has been doing a good job of managing expectations in the media by letting them know that his hip isn’t 100% back to normal…wait…is that a good idea? Anyway, apparently Cowen looked positively beastly in training camp and at the beginning of the season in Binghamton but half a year is a long time to go without playing pro hockey…let alone the almost full year he’s gone without playing in the NHL. I honestly just want to see him look normal out there and not have to leave the game halfway through. Stay well, stay well now, we want you to stay weeeell!

All the stuff I said in yesterday’s preview but make it about today’s game
Craig Anderson gets the nod in net and the two biggest changes to the lineup are Cowen (who will be paired with Gryba to start) returning (doi) and Latendresse being put back in over Matt Kassian…which was…a decision. What’s more is that Latendresse is slated for 4th line duty with Smith and Neil. Though a line of Lats, Zmith and Neiler sounds positively bruising, it does make me wonder with Spezza due back, the emergence of the all rookie line (WHO ARE FREE TO SCORE ANOTHER GOAL AT ANY TIME…TONIGHT FOR EXAMPLE) one wonders if there is a future for Latendresse in Ottawa. I actually ended up liking Gui more than I thought I would but that is a pretty expensive fourth line. Either way should be interesting.
As I pointed out yesterday, Ottawa been had gotten some solid goaltending and need to keep putting pucks in the net. Cam Ward can be a bit of a Sens killer but with the playoff race tight as it is tonight the boys cant blow an opportunity like avoiding back to back games and returning home to a bottom feeder like Carolina. *Avoids talking about Jean Gabriel Pageau somehow* Enjoy the game everybody and as Pierre McGuire would say, “Enjoy your families, enjoy your friends I’ll talk to you tomorrow” actually that’s kind of nice and not weird enough to end on….i’ll just throw to P McG stepping all over Gord Miller’s call on Eberle’s classic goal.


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