Reader Poll: Would you rather win all the stuff or maybe win the stuff later?

Just a quick one, in response to today’s (typically) awesome post by Backhand Shelf’s Jo Innes regarding Karlsson’s early return from surgery on his achilles tendon. The article is great and you should read it, but the key takeaway for me was:

“A return to full competition shouldn’t be contemplated until there’s no pain at full exertion, and comparable strength to the uninjured limb. While Karlsson may be at that point, he may also be doing what many, many NHL players have done before him and putting his long term well-being on the line for a shot at the playoffs.”

Obviously we don’t know how Karlsson feels, and I think we’re all prepared to assume that Senators’ management is being as careful as possible with its franchise defenseman, but I thought I would put it to you, the pack of escaped super apes who usually read this blog and will soon overrun our public infrastructure:


2 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Would you rather win all the stuff or maybe win the stuff later?

  1. No way!! This is our Sidney Crosby! He’s the backbone of this team for years to come. Irreplaceable. If he’s ready though, he’s ready, and holding him back anymore could hurt his rehab. If he is set for a return, he needs to get some games in before the playoffs. Playoffs is a whole different animal.

    I heard on the TEAM this morning that Dr. Chow gave him the OK as long as he feels good enough. Game shape is wayy different than practicing with your teammates.

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