James Day Preview: Ottawa Senagroins Visit the Los Angeles Krangs

kings game Hi Everybody… Ooooooof, this three day layover betwixt games hath really been a breeding ground for not enough to talk about and too much time to talk about it.
Like my lower back tattoo says, “You don’t get 3 out of 4 points against two divisional rivals on the road without making a few enemies!” I have to admit, it’s been pretty fun watching Sens fans punch back at this panic nonsense about Bobby Ryan (1 point, 2 games played BTMFingW) that’s appeared in the press. Some fans are smart and rational, other fans make “Matt Cooke 4 MVP” signs after he nearly ends a young star player’s year. As I’m pretty sure Elton John once sangsaid, “It’s the ciiiiircus of liiiiiife” (can’t confirm those lyrics as I’m not allowed to watch Disney movies, they give me daymares). The main part that bothered me about  that whole Ryan thing is that the questions being put forth in media scrums aren’t asked by fans. Newspaper articles claiming all of this panic aren’t written by fans. Some shit got said on the “twittersphere” are you kidding me? Sourcing fan tweets? Some of the most ignorant shit on any topic is being said around the clock on that thing if you look for it…ugh there’s enough even when you don’t look for it.
My question is, who’s really perpetuating this so-called irrational narrative? I’m not going to go that same route and lump all the media together as some journalists did fans. Ian Mendes wrote a balanced article for this Citizen this morning talking about how a slow start isn’t unusual for Bobby even during a productive season. Further, if you want to hear some awesome real talk check out this must listen clip of TSN’s Bent Wallace getting neck snappy on…also TSN’s (1200) Shawn Simpson for being too quick to get on Ryan’s case.
Look, I get it a little bit. The top line hasn’t really hit it’s stride (though they have produced a goal) and Ryan has looked like a guy still adjusting and not the dominant force that many think he could be. I think the lesson here is Cory Conacher. Here’s a guy that seemingly “went cold” after he arrived in Ottawa in the Ben Bishop trade after an otherwise hot season with the Lightening. Many questioned if he’d start the year in Binghamton. Conacher has looked like a different player in his first two games of the season but here’s the thing: He ain’t isn’t aint’st. Unlike last year he just knows exactly what he’s supposed to do now. He’s had some time to adjust. Are the expectations different for him? Is the pedigree different? Of course but I’m willing to give Ryan and the Sens time becauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse (great news!) IT’S GOING TO BE KIND OF A ROUGH MONTH! Why? Well, a win and a shootout loss are going to be very, very welcome results later on as tonight the team embarks on a nearly two week long road trip against some very, very good teams…including thing I haven’t even talked about—THE LOS ANGELES KINGS!

SFW Groin Chat: 
Since Barack HUSSEIN Obama is in the pocket of Big Time and wont man up to Tim Thomas’ Tea Party’s REASONABLE request to coordinate all time zone’s to American Freedom Standard Time the uhh…morning skate wont be happening for a few hours still and Jason Spezza seems very much a game time decision. I for one am in favour of sitting him if he is not 100% good to go. As has been an affirmation the past three days, “It’s two games into the season, eighty to go.” Think we need this guy now? Just wait till post Olympic break when it’s really going to be crunch time. A wonky groin could bother Spezz all season if he doesn’t take care of it and that’s the last thing any of us want. What’s on my mind is If Spezza sits for a few games going forward, what do we see? Is it Stephane DaCosta centering the top trio? Does Zibanejad get called up? Dare MacLean remove Turris, who has the most 1st line experience, from his productive trio with Conacher and MacArthur?
I’m not saying the Sens have no chance here and the game’s a write off!  I’d never say that but as I just mentioned, this is a very, very difficult road trip. It’s not realistic to expect a string of wins. Getting Spezza back to playing shape might be worth it as the Sens will return to playing crucial 4 point divisional games before we know it. After last season I feel like I can stomach all kinds of injury situations. Not welcoming them by any means but let’s say I’ve steeled myself…especially in regard to a player with an injury history like Spezza’s.

[Update: Spezza will not play tonight. Smoke y’all crack and whatever]

The Battle of America II: Uhh…Carry on Battling Edition
After out dueling fellow US Olympic hopeful Ryan Miller last week tonight Craig Anderson finds himself up against goalie to beat Jonathan Quick…which is a name where if it was the name of the goalie character in the Mighty Ducks 4 you would roll your eyes so hard that you’d have a upside down Nike swoosh shaped wrinkle permanently etched into your forehead. Anyway, if you thought Miller-Anderson was an exciting match wait until you see him have to go up against a goaltender who’s NOT playing behind the Buffalo Sabres!
Sure Quick let in a mortifying 150+ foot goal the other night but you know what? Those happen pretty much every year to netminders of all stripes. Needless to say Quick is going to be looking to erase that shit from memory and from all accounts he’s good at bouncing back (what am I? Made of definitively knowing shit about the game in, game out behavior of LA Kings players? THANKS FOR READING!).

Heyyyyyyyyy Who the Hell Are These guys!? .. No seriously…This has been like writing a preview of an upcoming match against the Illuminati 

I’ll be the first to admit teams don’t get more mysterious to me than the LA Krangs. I know that they won the cup recently and have a bunch of excellent players. So…looking forward to…seeing how their system matches up against Ottawa’s?
Tonight Ottawa faces a slow out of the gate King’s team coming off an embarrassing loss at the hands of the visiting Rangers. Looking at their roster there are a few star players including Mike Richards and Anze Kopitar still searching for their first goal of the young season. I wonder if the LA Times is throwing those guys to the wolves after 3 games. These guys are going to come out swinging trying to erase a loss in what looked like a safe 2 points. Sounds like Ottawa only with zero media pressure.
With the travel, coming off a rough shootout loss and the possibility of Spezza sitting some games, Ottawa is certainly in tough tonight. A big question is if the rest will help the Senators. They’ve had a couple of days to focus on practice…lets hope they spent 50% of it on the power play and the other 50% on defending. After seeing him look pretty quiet I’m thinking the time off will benefit Erik Karlsson who I keep reminding myself is actually still healing. No doubt EK is looking to notch some assists and speaking of which YES I will talk about this…
I’d love nothing more than to see Bobby Ryan pot one even just for his own sake of getting some of the bologna off his mind. He’s actually at a bit of an advantage having played the LA Kings more than any of his team mates save for maybe Michalek (Who’s playing tonight!). Hopefully we can see a bit more of that Karlsson to Ryan breakout that produced some results in the preseason. If he’s kept off the score sheet well, again, it’s only been THREE games. Still 79 games after that.
Oh and stay out of the goddamn penalty box, you guys.

Enjoy the game and enjoy feeling crud tomorrow morning!


4 thoughts on “James Day Preview: Ottawa Senagroins Visit the Los Angeles Krangs

  1. WHAT ARE KRANGS (the burning question I’ve had throughout this article)?

    Are you psychic or something, James? Because uhhh yeah we didn’t stay out of the penalty box and that cost us big-time. At least Bobby Ryan got a goal? At least we got a point? *droops*

    • I am part M-Path. Senators have been taking a ton of penalties so far. I mean, they are just going to happen to a degree but they’ve taken some really bad ones so far. The worst of all was Neil’s completely unnecessary unsportsmanlike for squirting human Jack-o-Lantern Dan Carcillo with his water bottle. Talk about getting beaten at your own game.
      Anyway, game could have been a complete blow out. I take a big positive out of it that they came out in the second like a completely different team and managed a point out of it 🙂 It’s going to be a tough road trip but last night they showed that despite some undisciplined play they can compete with one of the best teams in the league without their no.1 centre.
      …hmmm what else do I have to say here…OH, and JG Pageau > Stephane DaCosta.

      For more information on Krang, visit this helpful website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krang

  2. With respect to the exchange with Brent Wallace .. I am happy with the upgrades in the team1200 station (now called tsn1200). Much better radio and a far cry from some time ago (who remembers the “dandyman” for example). It is a treat now with York and Mendes in the morning/afternoon.

    • Oh yeah, absolutely. TEAM1200 / TSN 1200 has really improved over the years. It was straight up unlistenable back in the day. Getting rid of Jungle Jim was a good for move for TGOR. Mendes was a coup for them. Simmer is a bit of a troll at times but even then I respect the need to have conflicting opinions to an extent to put on a sports radio show for several hours a day. I think York is my favorite personality on there. Always seems like he’s in a good mood which I like as overly serious sports talk is a bit of a drag to me. He has a ton of stories about his playing days and brings that “I’ve been there” perspective. The frustration i was trying to get at in the post is when stuff gets pushed on the players day after day in the media scrum and then it can be presented like, “The fans are panicking!” where it can feel more like the fans are being instructed to panic. Look no further than Toronto. Kessel got the boots SO HARD by the media for not scoring for the first 10 games. To his credit the guy ended up over a point a game at the end of the season. Anyway, this start to the season is killing me which the huge gaps between games. Thanks for commenting Sam!

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