James Day Preview: Ottawa Lehnators Host The Royal Mountain Therriens

"HAAY Bill, The Sens gotta get the BATS goin'...HAAY BILL, if you we're the Habs...and you were made garbage...would you eat yourself?"

“HAAY Bill, The Sens gotta get the BATS goin’…HAAY BILL, if you were the Habs…and you were made of garbage…would you defeat yourself?”

Look, I don’t want to be rude but I have to make this quick….I have to rendez-vous with Mayor Jim Watson in few minutes to sell him the reasonable sized bag of yogurt covered raisins I picked him up from Bulk Barn on the sly. I’ll admit that I’m helping enable one of the Mayor’s worst habits but if I feel that if I can help keep his excellency’s cravings for his favorite relatively low calorie fix under control then he can continue focusing on what’s important: Working toward extending light rail transit to the Canadian Tire Centre in time for the 2048-2049 preseason when the Seattle Senators play an exhibition game against the Burlington Maple Leafs 2.

You know what’s an overlooked story line about the MacArthur – Turris – Ryan line? That I am very much in love with it.
These guys have been like Snowbirds out there…and not the kind that keep the Florida Panthers from folding. The last game featured a great goal from Clarke MacArthur on a glamorous feed from Robert Ryan to put Ottawa up by two and that, of course, makes the highlight reel. One thing that stuck with me though was how many chances Kyle Turris just narrowly missed (not a bad thing btw). Off the top of my head I can remember 3 or 4 instances where a matter of inches could have given Turry a goal or two. I thought Turris was good in Ottawa’s zone as well. And Bubby you don’t KNOW from this Bobby Ryan! The kid has such a deceptive release and he seems to be able to at least get the puck on net despite pressure, traffic or position in the offensive zone. No wonder he has nearly 10 goals already. MacArthur’s possession skills and Turris and Ryan’s ability to both shoot and make plays must make this line a nightmare to defend. Great to see these guys firing on all cylinders. Ottawa will need them to remain the team’s offensive engine tonight against Montreal, a team who may have trouble getting things off the top of the refrigerator but doesn’t have much difficulty finding the back of the net (which has a clearance of 4 feet).

They’ll be lots of PP time for PK and EK…I am…so sorry about that.
No one is enjoying the delicious taste of yogurt covered raisins more than me when it comes to this Michel Therrien / PK Subban beef….well maybe one guy is but still I’M ENJOYING IT. I don’t think, however, that it’s grounds to dismiss the reigning Norris Borrower Subban. Bob MacKenzie pointed out that it should be noted when talking about Subban’s benching for the final four minutes of a game the other nigh, that it was following a power play that he was out for over 1 minute and 50 seconds of. I don’t know who you are Eddie, but I actually think Therrien is smart for putting Subban out there for what he’s good at and benching him for an crucial stretch of the game. Let’s hope he goes back to the Therrien we know and laugh at.
The timing of this game is very exciting as the big story going into the playoff series between these two teams was the showdown of PK and EK. Problem was, Sens fans knew Karlsson was a shell of his regular self upon returning from months off recovering from a severe injury. This makes tonight kind of awesome because Habs fans (known for their measured approach to analysing the game) are under the impression Karlsson sucks. This makes sense because
1. Stuff like this:

2. Montreal STILL lost.
3. Hi Haters.
In the past two games Ottawa’s played, Karlsson has looked noticeably quicker and more comfortable. I think it sounds like a great time to play a game where he has something to prove.
These are both dynamic offensive defensemen who will be one of the most enjoyable parts of this rivalry to watch over the next couple of years before Subban becomes a UFA and gets the hell out of Montreal.

OHHH SNAAAP, Kassian and Parros Might Fight Because WHO GIVES A SHIT!
I’m not even firing up the fighting debate here. It’s more that this keeps getting talked about like it’s a major element of the game. It will happen and not be important. I mean the fact that it’s guaranteed to happen makes it unimportant to the game in my book. Regardless, tonight we will bare witness to the next chapter in Matt Kassian and George Parros’ LEGENDARY blood feud over the Gryba/Eller hit! Who will emerge the victor? The guy who wasn’t involved with the hit or the guy who wasn’t on the team at the time?

Now to say some positive things about tough guys…
As I’ve mentioned a couple of times already, it’s only been 2 games but Mark Borowiecki has been exactly the type of player Ottawa’s needed on the back end since his call up. Bringing equal parts GOODOTTAWABOYOCITY and GIVEAFUCKTOITIVENESS to the lineup. Seriously though, he played another solid game making simple but smart plays and bullying the Bluejackets without sacrificing positioning or taking lazy penalies. Again, exactly what the Sens defense needed. Though he is apparently waiver exempt sending the struggling Cowen down to the minors to find his game seems very unllikely (and frankly a bit much) but considering that for the second straight game Milan Michalek and Hood Pope Cory Conacher will find themselves on the 3rd and 4th lines if he doesn’t improve drastically I think we could see Jared toiling on the bottom pairing while Borowiecki racks up top 4 minutes. I think some healthy competition from Boro could do Cowen good well good whatever fuck.
We’ve been really hard on Chris Neil because poorly timed penalties will be poorly timed penalties! Anyway, I must say, Neil’s goal was an absolute snipe show. Good to see. Not sure how I feelabout him taking feeds from Spezza  (j/k I am sure of how I feel) but it was a really important goal. I don’t think he’s a useless player or anything but he has been really running around so far. He had his shit way more together (and that’s considering he fought TWICE) on Tuesday and I applaud him for it.

Key to Victory: Smang em (Smash em and Bang em). They may have added a bit of not very skilled size this off season by picking up Parros but with actual decent player Brandon Prust not dressing tonight these are still very much Les Petites Canadiens. I’m hoping the Sens can wear em down without being dirty about it.

More Information on Smanging found here: 

Ugh, I need to take a shower now

Carey Price gets the start against Robin Lehner (who is apparently really getting to rituals involving poisonous snakes now).

Win it for Pageau!


6 thoughts on “James Day Preview: Ottawa Lehnators Host The Royal Mountain Therriens

  1. Lehner has been beast! I can’t be the only one who loves a crazy looking goaltender who is angry at the world for god knows what! It’s his time (for now), and while i hope craig gets better soon, I am enjoying watching this guy not take shit from any defencemen.

    Borocop was also a very bright spot in that game against Columbus. I felt for the other guy he dummied as it looked like an established NHLer getting his ass handed to him.

    Ryan – what’s to say? I gotta huge man crush on this guy. From his heart-string tugging story, to the unbelievable ability he has to make everything look easy. This guy forechecks like a beast, protects the puck like a beast, and his shot (insert over the top compliment here)

    Turrie – don’t change bud. don’t ever change. Where is the guy we traded for him anyways? Is he playin?

    We gotta home stand on the way so let start it out on the right foot.

    Got free tix to Saturdays AFTERNOON game. Are afternoon games a thing? Hockey should be PRIMETIME DAMMIT!

    Good read lads
    Go Sens Go

  2. Oh yes I would like our name to become the Lehnators, yes indeed :3 I haven’t seem much from Borowiecki, but from all accounts it sounds like he’s done excellently, so I hope he’s at least one more stone into the path of our way out of our recent defensive troubles. And I don’t even wanna know where you fnid videos with the word “smang” in the title. I think I’ll keep my naïveté about your Internet history intact a little longer, James.

  3. What a nice smurf pasting last night. Absolutely delicious little interlude betwixt two members of the National Hockeyer’s League of Bettman Nations.
    Now the Panthers have fired their coaching staff and one of the new staff of Brian Effin Skrudland. If I remember anything about Montreal’s old #39, it’s that he hooked and waterskiied like no one’s business.
    And it’s a 2 p.m. start.
    Calling a win but in OT or something. More than likely loss to Boston though, those guys are like…bruin something playoff-nasty.

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