WTYKY Scotchcast Episode 2: A Steve is Born!



WTYKY Scotchcast 2: Secret of the Booze. Your favoritish internet acquaintances return in th– actually in a more accurate way of describing it: One guy returns, another has other affairs to attend to and a new person joins the fray in this rollicking PG-13 adventure that would probably make little to no sense to someone who doesn’t follow Ottawa Senators hockey!

Join in the fun as Steven and James AT LONG LAST break their silence on issues such as Alfred Danielsson’s return to the Tires.com Arena, get emotional about how the team isn’t doing well, share some EXPLOSIVE thoughts on the Heritage Classic jersey and MORE! They even let down their jewel encrusted monocles to take questions from you: The people who accidentally landed on this website! Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “WTYKY Scotchcast Episode 2: A Steve is Born!

  1. *Varada, runs into the room out of breath*

    “Hey guys! You told me to meet you at the Jack Astor’s in Kanata to record the new Scotchcast and I waited there for about six hours but I didn’t see you. I must have misunderstood the…wait. What is this? WHAT IS THIS?”

    • *Steve and James quickly hide microphones in hoagie buns* VARADA! hi… uhhh, just a couple of guys sittin around eating hoagies you know…not talking about hockey.

  2. Fantastic Scotchast, and on the Spezza is Burger King…works on SO many levels.
    Lemme take you to an another plane. Back in the day, I was a security guard supervisor at Albion Tower 25 Nicholas. My crewmate was Abdi, a Nigerian of some repute, peppering his conversation with words like “Wahino” (rhino) and squinting his eyes while pursing his lips to denote disdain.
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANYWAY, he had a friend that worked at BK and got like UNLIMITED Buy 1 get 1 free whopper coupons from him, so we’d go every few days. BUT we didn’t JUST order the Whopper. We asked for it: “Well done, cut it half.” The overworked, underpaid drone behind the counter would just look at us, the tiniest bit of drool coming down their chin until we made gestures with our hand in a cutting motion, then repeated “Well done!”
    Our burgers would come out, WARMER than the general soggy warmitude AND cut into two EXACT halves, that we would share, each of us tasting the other’s half in a gesture of universal kinship (even though, I, a boring middle-class pudgy white dude was NEVER going to equal the Nigerian) and the next day he would go.
    How does this relate to Spezza?
    See…”cut it half” would be his mistakes, which have reduced drastically since MacLean has been here and even before, but the trogos at Team1200 listener party are too dumb to notice.
    “Well Done” would be the coach patting him on the pack after the does EVERYTHING asked of him, as a captain, #1 centre and charmingly gigglicious man would do.

    I would also like to posit:
    Craig Anderson as the McRib. It’s OMG so amazing those first few times, truly elite but then it becomes back to its career average of “Man, this isn’t Hasek after all, but still ok I guess. I really shoulda traded it for those coupons for the Works (Bishop staying while Andy is traded).”

    I leave you with Echo Beach from Martin & the Mufflers!

    • Haha thanks for your support as always QQ!
      Glad you threw your leather fedora in the ring about the fast food question. Feel free to submit your lineup for the Senators All-Quizno’s Team!

      Hey if you ever run into Abdi could you ask him if he knows how to get a hold of Prince Abah of Nigeria. I received a panicky email from him a few weeks ago. It turns out he had been imprisoned by kidnappers who only accept credit cards for ransom and he’d left his wallet back at his palace! Anyway, I let him borrow all of my cards. Since I read The Secret and wished as hard as I could it turned out the ransom was the EXACT amount of credit I had to lend him! What a world! Since his triumphant release I haven’t been able to get a hold of His Majesty. His email account no longer seems active. I hope he’s okay. If Abdi knows how I could get a hold of him please put him in touch with me!

      Echo Beach: A place to sleep off your drunkenness!

    Your Quizno’s All-Time Senators Lineup:
    LW: BAJA – Bobby Ryan (Yeah I KNOW HE’S A RW OK??) – from California and ever so consistent.
    C: CLASSIC ITALIAN – Jason Spezza (He’s mature now, that means Classic is fine)
    RW: SPICY SAUGAGE – The Departed Daniel Alfredsson (Well, I don’t want to go TOO off the rails but he’s got what, 8 kids from Bibi? There’s some spice somewhere. I have it on good authority that Swedish Meatball jokes got old 40 years ago.)
    LD: THE TRADITIONAL – Zdeno Chara (Cos he’s that prototypical Big, defensive D with some skill D that everyone wants)
    RD – PESTO CAESAR – Erik Karlsson (Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, that would be the Norris Trophy mk PK?)
    G – ULTIMATE CLUB – Robin Lehner (Cos it’s Lehner and he IS Ultimate. The Club part? You’re not part of it until you can win a staring contest with him. Good luck! :D)
    Coach – Tuna – Jacques Martin (YEAH YEAH MacLean, I get this. But Martin was good for a while. Tuna is BORING. Does anyone really say: “YO WORST EVERYTHING HAD BEST LUNCH EVER! WAS TUNA! WITH MAYO!” Mmmhmmm…)
    GM – TURKEY LITE – GMBM (Cos he’s like 71 today…so PROBABLY don;t want to tax the stomach too much with spicy stuff or whatever?)
    OWNER – ASSORTED COOKIES – Eugene Melnyk (Cos you never know WHAT THE FUCK HE’S GOING TO SAY ON FAN590).

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