James Day Preview: The Ottawa Senators visit The Devils of Newark


It’s great to be back on the internet! I had to cool my heels south of the border for a minute. Let’s review how OUR Ott-a-wa Senatorrrrrrs did while I was away, shall we? *waits for Dot Matrix printout…tears off sheet, puts on crazy drinking straw glasses*  Mmmhmmm, okay I’m seeing barely beating the Sabrrrrres, getting heads kicked in by the Kiiiiiiiings and a completely unexpected win against one of the best teams in the league. Ahh, just as confusing as I left them!
I didn’t check out the Buffalo game because I don’t know, didn’t see the LA game because 5-2 LOSS DULY NOTED but I DID catch a good portion of the game against the Blues (WTYKY: Your Source for a guy who caught “a good portion” of a game!) I have to say watching the match up against St. Louis, I thought “Now THIS is what I expected the team to look like going into this season!”
Now I know it seems easy to cherry pick a game where the Senators defeated one of the league’s premier squads as an example of how they should play but let’s not forget it went to OT, and Ottawa nearly blew a power play through almost half the extra time. It was close! The win is great but to me it was the effort that was outstanding. If things turn around from here on out, they will play like the did against the Blues on a consistent basis, win or lose.

And now the unavoidable subject:
Don’t get me wrong I went to watch those highlights(?) against the Kings but when I read “Something-something Robin Lehner relieved Craig Anderson after he allowed two goals on four shots” I just said to my imaginary friend Ray-Ray, “I can’t fr*gging do this…” and shut down my #sic Intel Pentium II.
Look, the only person who’s given Anderson more chances to redeem himself than me has been Paul MacLean himself. I still think that vintage Andy is in there somewhere but what the hell man? Great to see he a had a really good game against Buffalo (required!) but as soon as he plays a good team things fall apart? In less than 5 shots? The East is a shitty conference but no denying it’s a competitive one. You have to be able to string together a couple good games and I feel he’s just been unable to do that so far. I guess he’s gotten inside his own head or something. I’m happy to see him put on the shelf for a minute. I don’t actually know if it will help but Ottawa needs to pile up some wins and Anderson’s not helping them do that right now. I hope he can sort it out because the skill is obviously there. It’s a position where the physical and mental truly meet and something has come unbalanced. SPEAKING OF MENTAL UNBALANCE, Robin Lehner will get his second straight start. I thought Lehner was a huge part of that win against St. Lou. He’s been able to put 3 wins together this year, something the team has only managed once this season. With games against much tougher opponents in Pittsburgh (who IIIIII haaate), Boston (x2, more like xBarf) and Washington starting next week to close out the year, this week would be a great opportunity to get some momentum going. Rookie netminder Martin Brodeur (who’s son is one year younger than Cody Ceci) gets the start for the Devils.

Hometown Boys Gunna Work It Out:
Much has been said of Cody Ceci’s heroic goal but what’s really fascinating beyond that is how comfortable he’s looked so far. Peep game on his slick breakout on this goal that I am currently in a committed romantic relationship with:

Now THAT’s the kind of zone exit you’ve come to expect from a defender playing his 3rd NHL game! With Methot missing another game as a healthy(?) scratch, the pressure will not be on Ceci to win the game again but to continue to look like he belongs in the game.
Much has been made of the Methot scratch thing but ASK me about how long it takes to feel back to normal after having a solid flu. With another game tomorrow night expect number 3 back then. I say no fire here.
On the subject of dudes getting it done, Jean Gabriel Pageau, the Franco so nice they named him twice, continues to stick with the big club. His two goals in his two limited call ups really speak not only to his ability to contribute no matter where he’s placed in the lineup but also to how much Cory Conacher is struggling to put one in the net. C’mon Big C, even Condra has 3 goals now. Would really love to see him get one what with Ben Bishop constantly rubbing his 18 and 5 record in our big dumb faces every single day.
Not complaining about their games but MacArthur and Ziba have been a little quiet lately. One of them could be due tonight. Milan Michalek, who in preparation for the future I sometimes forget is on the team, will play on Spezza’s wing along with Grizz. I don’t know whatever gets the guy going I guess?

I’m not going to even touch what the result of a win would mean for Ottawa’s place in the standings because it’s an absolute log jam.
So…thank you. Enjoy the ga–

You: But James, you barely talked about the New Jersey Devils aren’t you going to say anything e–


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