Senators/Jets Game Summary in Drawing Form

Movie edition (because the Oscars were last week or something, I don’t know)

First Period:


Spezza gets sentimental after having to leave the love of his life (he shall who not be named)

Second Period:


“I’m an…I’m an excellent player.”

Third Period:


Get it? Because Stanley Kubrick was notorious for taking an insane amount of shots (also because Andy is slowly driftin into madness with these 40+ shot games)



I think we’re all just cautiously positive right now and that isn’t a bad thing.




4 thoughts on “Senators/Jets Game Summary in Drawing Form

  1. *cradles Michalek closer to bosom* Hoffman’s eyebrows, omg. Are those supposed to be a reflection of his actual eyebrows, or are they a reference to some movie which I do not know?

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