James Day Preview: Ottawa hosts the Nastville Prediturds

JDP MR.T Edition

Hi there.

Well, it’s been an emotional little week hasn’t it?
To start, the boys unexpectedly took the Heritage Classic in Vancouver. Yep, victorious in a highly anticipated afternoon road game broadcast on CBC. Also unexpected: Ottawa having nicer uniforms than their opposition! I, myself, picked one up. I’m sorry but when felt numbers come callin’ you GOTTA accept the charges!
Then Ottawa got lit up by Ales Hemsky in Edmonton. Then they acquired Ales Hemsky. Then they got lit up by Calgary. THEN Hemsky lit it up against Winnipeg.
Wow, lots of stuff got lit up, yet here I am distancing myself from mup jokes.
The atmosphere surrounding the team following that embarrassing game against the Flames was maybe the most morose it’s been all season but at least the team managed a .500 record for the week in the end. Come…move forward with me! *shooting star* 

Tonight they face a Nashville team who are all but out of the running in last place in the mighty Central Division and riding a 4 game losing streak. Typically I would advise Ottawa to HACK THE BONE on a vulnerable opponent but taking advantage of opportunities placed before them DOES NOT SEEM TO BE THEIR STRONG SUIT (See: Recent losses to Edmonton and Calgary). Never the less, this, like all of the games for the remainder of the season practically, is a must win thanks to recent complacency (See also: Recent losses to Edmonton and Calgary).

Nashville is playing so horribly right now that I’m almost worried they’re due for a win like Ottawa was against Winnipeg (See also: Recent losses to Edmonton and Calgary). The always offensively tepid Preds have managed 3 goals in in their last 4 games (Spoiler: ALL LOSSES!).Slump breakers that they can be, Ottawa will have to play much better than they did in the 3rd period against the Jets.
I don’t know if it’s a deliberate strategy thing but I’ve noticed that when Ottawa has a 3rd period lead on the road MacLean appears to make the team hang back and trap up to protect their lead. The only thing is, is if this is the case, they don’t appear to be very good at it! I mean, they still won the game but that’s a more stressful 3rd period than you want to see; even if up by two.
Anderson really saved their bacon as the Jets piled on the dangerous attempts putting up 49 shots. You’re not going to get away with that very often but great to see Andy get in the zone and lock down a win for the club. Something you think he wouldn’t have to do when the Sens have scored 5 goals.
With Nashville’s 2nd highest goalscorer in Mike Fisher and his 16 tallies on the year (Pfft, who is this guy? Jazon Spessa?), hopefully, Nashville will carry on having difficulty putting points on the board tonight.
It wont be easy for the Senators to run up the score either as they will face a delicious bowl of Pekka Rinne (served with complimentary unlimited salad and the Olive Garden’s signature bread sticks). Since returning from a serious medical scare, despite being winless in his last two starts, Rinne has been terrifyingly good posting a .948 save percentage and a 1.53 goals against average. Imagine this team could score? Yowzer.
Anderson will get the start for Ottawa because Lehner has been blacklisted or something.
For serious, 4 games last week, all on the road, including a back to back and zero starts. I don’t even know when he’ll get his next shot. Put on a pot of pig’s blood its gunna be a long night for Lehnny.

One thing Ottawa will have to do tonight is be disciplined as Nashville has a surprisingly strong power play for a defensive minded team. Life hack: Have Shea Weber on the point.
9 of his 15 goals have been with a man advantage. His Olympic performance fresh on my mind, I sincerely hope that zero players I like will try to block his shots.
So let’s go out there and play some good clean hockey, think you can handle that boys?
*Chris Neil, Zack Smith, Eric Gryba, Jared Cowen and Matt Kassian all unison* “YESSSSSS JAAAAAAAAAAAAMES”

Now this:
Get well Clarke MacArthur Get well soon we wish you to get welllllllllllllllllllllll! 
You never want to see a guy who I describe as “a perfect hockey player” go down with an injury and miss any time. Luckily for the Sens, Mike Hoffman filled in and had a huge game against the Jets on Saturday, scoring his first NHL goal but also registering just an unreal Ovechkin style assist on Platinum Angel Kyle Turris’ glorious 21st goal of the year.
Platinum Angel Fun Fact: Turris is currently on pace to score more goals this year than he has put up total since being traded here in late 2011. The kid’s really found a groove here.

Cool so… 
Ales Hemsky has as many assists in 2 games as Peter Regin did LAST SEASON for Ottawa. That’s even after having credit for one of them taken away after Saturday’s game. Regardless of how this whole Hemsky thing shakes out it will be entertaining to have an actual top 6 player playing in our top 6 for at least the balance of the season. Couldn’t ask for more of him in his last game let’s hope he can build on it.

Game Note: Cowen and Gryba scored last game. If that’s not getting a roll going I don’t know what is.

Huge two points up for grabs. Go Sens….


1 thought on “James Day Preview: Ottawa hosts the Nastville Prediturds

  1. How often do you use that last GIF in your JDPs? Haha. I like you am super-happy Turris has found his groove with us (relevant: he’s 2nd league-wide in GF% Rel, meaning the majority of our goals have been scored with him on-ice http://www.extraskater.com/players/on-ice?sort=gf_pct_rel) and hope that he proceeds to shine up his Platinum Angel-ness (??). Figuring in Hemsky totally makes our top 6 look legit. Also, omg I just realized you misspelled Captain Jason’s name; my mind just filled in his name like the Benevolent Overseeing Leader that he is deserves. His name happens to be on the last page of that link I pasted there sooooo IDK if I should still cradle him to my bosom or not anymore. 😦 ANYWAY, I hope we win tonight!!!

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