Scotchcast Episode 9: Hello, Is It Scotch You’re Looking For?

Go behind the glitz(?) and glamour of the high stakes world of small market hockey blogging with your increasingly less popular hosts Varada, Steve and James. In this episode they take on the topics that are currently plaguing the Sensphere. Should Ottawa transition from “Goalie Graveyard” to “Team That Finally Has a Good Goalie After Years of Searching So Let’s Trade Him”? What’s to be done with the Ted and Judy’s Methot’s son? If he’s shipped out will Erik Karlsson develop similar chemistry with the pile of Hungry Man Dinners that replaces him? ONLY TIME WILL TELL. Speaking of time, you hosts courageously attempt to predict what will happen to the Senators in the latter half of the season. We apologize that it will render your viewing experience pointless as the outcome of the 2014-15 will be accurately explained in full. As always, we answer your question in the beloved Talk To The Audience segment.



2 thoughts on “Scotchcast Episode 9: Hello, Is It Scotch You’re Looking For?

  1. I love the scotchcast…but please, Varada, sit closer to the mic! When I’m listening with headphones, I have to crank up the volume in order to hear you…and then when James speaks, my eardrums explode

    • Thanks for the feedback, sorry about the sound quality. I tried to get the balance as good as i could but that was as jacked up as it could go, triple tracked and drenched in compression. We will assemble some kind of microphone/feedbag combo going for the next episode. In the meantime I am off to get a “When James speaks, my eardrums explode” tattoo. 🙂

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