25 Things Sens Fans Should Do Before They Die

1. Sing Pageau’s name when he scores a goal
2. Make a donation to the arts and ensure the money leaves your bank account.
3. Watch a game at one of the many restaurants and bars of Sens Mile.
4. Come in hot at least once.
5. Go on the California or Florida road trip with the team.
6. Go to a costume party dressed as Cory Clouston.
7. Decorate for the playoffs.
8. Eat a burger before an Andrew Hammond start.
9. Work Radek Bonk’s name into conversation daily.
10. Make a homemade gladiator costume out of aluminum foil.
11. Take a 400 series bus to and from a home game. Make it a true Senators Daily Double and do it for a Leafs game.
12. Forget to attend a Spezza rally.
13. Stand by the door at the end of the day and fist bump all your co-workers as they leave like Chris Phillips.
14. Shout Alfie’s name when the game clock hits 11:11.
15. When you visit Montreal, sing out Pageau’s name just for fun.
16. Giggle awkwardly.
17. Live everyday like a Mark Stone celebration.
18. Mock all team slogans but secretly enjoy them.
19. Watch a game in a different city with Ottawa ex-pats.
20. Experience the joy that is exiting the largest parking lot in eastern Ontario after a game.
21. Watch a Battle of Ontario game at the ACC.
22. Drive to a playoff game at the CTC and enjoy how some fans have shown their support for the Sens by decorating the sound barriers and fencing in their backyards.
23. Spit water through the gap in your teeth like Chris Neil.
24. Paint your nails in team colours or better yet, go gold.
25. Watch Erik Karlsson live at least once in your life. Tell everyone else about it for the next 75 years.

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