The Chet Sellers and Luke Peristy and James Podcast


Image courtesy @Capital_Gains65


If you’re not a listener to the weekly regular intellectual podcast that Luke Peristy and I do over at Silver Seven, that’s cool, no judgment. There’s a lot of listening options out there and you’ve only got so much time in the day. Some nights you work a double and just need to unwind with your Neil Diamond LPs, I get it.

BUT! James joins us for this week’s show, which means you get a full 50% of the Welcome To Your Karlsson Years writing staff talking into a single microphone. That, my friends, is value. Join us as we break down Jared Cowen’s attitude, throw shade at our haters, and do simultaneous Michael McDonald impressions. The greatest story ever told? You decide.

Episode 26 of the Chet Sellers and Luke Peristy (and James) Podcast


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