Scotchcast Episode 4 Part 1: The Sochicast


James and Varada return uninvited to your minidisc player OR WHO KNOWS WHAT PERSONAL LISTENING DEVICE in part 1 of a 2 part series. They share what they think are their authoritative views on Canada’s all-men Olympic hockey squadron.
Enjoy and stay tuned for part 2. Well, that is if I somehow manage to avoid suffering a complete mental collapse while trying to sort out the mysterious technical issues that are currently stopping the MUCH ANTICIPATED part 2 from working…maybe it will never work…at this point I’m not sure. I actually woke up at 4:30am because I couldn’t sleep because it’s bothering me so much (not joking!). Anyway, it’s now 6:30am and I managed to get part 1 to work. What I’m saying here is, I’m having a great day! Anyway, don’t you worry about any of that. What’s important is that you enjoy part one while I go cry in the dark, fully clothed under an ice cold shower.

Scotchcast Episode 3: The Triforcening


Varada, James and Steve at long last break their silence on the topic of the Ottawa Senators on this podcast. Their shortest episode yet! Clocking in at two full seconds shorter than episode 2. I know these things are lengthy and speaking as a working mother of 14, just like you, I know you don’t have all the time in world but yo check this out: Just download this thang to your mobile device, tablet device, personal computer device OR WHO KNOWS WHAT SPICY DEVICE and listen to it in delicious bite sized morsels…because you know what? No, seriously, seriously I’m trying to tell you something…you know what? You’re worth it.

Hope you enjoy it!

WTYKY Scotchcast Episode 2: A Steve is Born!



WTYKY Scotchcast 2: Secret of the Booze. Your favoritish internet acquaintances return in th– actually in a more accurate way of describing it: One guy returns, another has other affairs to attend to and a new person joins the fray in this rollicking PG-13 adventure that would probably make little to no sense to someone who doesn’t follow Ottawa Senators hockey!

Join in the fun as Steven and James AT LONG LAST break their silence on issues such as Alfred Danielsson’s return to the Arena, get emotional about how the team isn’t doing well, share some EXPLOSIVE thoughts on the Heritage Classic jersey and MORE! They even let down their jewel encrusted monocles to take questions from you: The people who accidentally landed on this website! Enjoy!

WTYKY Scotchcast Episode One: The Scotchening


Here it is. Long promised, never before delivered. Two hours of James and I talking about the Sens’ early season performance; when to panic; Sens we like and Sens we don’t; and questions from you, the WTYKY readers.

This is our first go at this, so go easy. But any suggestions or comments are welcome, either through the Contact Us link above, or on our Twitter – @wtyky.