In which the porridge was juuuuuuuuust right!



Ahhh, one of my favorite images of the whole season! Look, in this work a day world, your mother and I try our absolute hardest to provide for your needs like making posts about the latest hockeysenators news, sort of previewing games and getting you fitted for braces. It’s a rat race out there, look at now. We are working hard in the off season to find something to post EVERY SINGLE DA–…* Anyway, this was initially made for a Shame Day Preview for Chris Kelly’s first game playing for the Beantown Bears. There was a technical error and it didn’t get posted in time. Anyway, it’s really amazing and I’m glad to show this thing off!

*BTW people, can we get some respect up in here for and AND for posting pretty much every day?! We started this blog in the off season in August of last year and it is TOUGH to think about crud to talk about…give those guys some props on their message boards for bringing it!