06.09.2010: In which we do the Ducks a solid and pull the sword from their stone

From: James
To: Conrad, Peter
Received: Thursday, September 2, 2010, 10:13 AM

Morning Flounders,

I read about a delicious (read: probably not even remotely true) rumour this morning that
the Senators are making a serious play for BeebopoBlipple Bobby Ryan.
I havent given it too much thought and I have a meeting in a few minutes but

My Question is a two parter:

A) Would you go for this dude
B) If so what would you give up for him?

…now that i think on him i dont really know his contract status so youre going to have to pretend with me (get used to it)

Off the dome: I would probably give up Filip Kuba and ….i dont knowwwww…..1st rounder? …or maybe a bottom six forward.

God I am not good at this but I think the Ducks need a PMD pretty badly…wow i cant wait for getting clobbered at fantasy season
Coffee is for Closers

From Peter

To Conrad, James

Ryan is an RFA who made 1.9 mil last season and is line for a raise. Word on the street is he’s angling for a 3 year deal that co-incides with Perry and Getzlaf’s so they all hit the UFA market at the same time. I think Anaheim and it’s 10 mil in cap space wants a little more flexibility, which makes little sense, sign the guy and take your chances in 3 years. Worst problem is you lose all three but have a ton of cap space in an attractive market.

I’d give up prospects for him but I don’t think he’s going anywhere. Not a first round pick. I’m afraid he’d be another Cheechoo. Good year last year in a full time role with the big club but with only slightly better production despite playing 23 extra games in the NHL than the season before when he split time.

Anaheim have Toni Lydman and Visnovsky on the back end with highly touted prospect Cam Fowler biding his time in Iowa (should make the big club this year) Are those guys puck movers? Not sure they’d bite on Kuba and Bobby Butler (Conrad just sensed a disturbance in the force…)

Pass. I’d rather get Bill Guerin. Yeah, I said it…

From Conrad,

To James, Peter

The Sens have about a mill in cap space, so they couldn’t afford BR at even his $1.9. He’ll get about $3M-$4M based on last year. That means that salary would need to go back Anaheim’s way in a trade, which means having someone like Kuba in the deal. WHICH (I guess) means having to send a pick or two along by way of compensation for essentially trading a young, high-end draftee for an aging, expensive player.

The Ducks’ blueline looks pretty weak to me. Vish is good, but hurt all the time. They have Sutton now, who is good for one murderous hit every two games, but that’s about it. Cam Fowler is 18. Lydman is good, but aging. A far cry from Pronger and Neids playing 279 minutes a night each. So I think they could use a Kuba or – dare to dream! – Lee, which coincides with Ottawa’s crowded backend. But like I said, a pick or two would need to be included, and whether I would give up a 1st for Bobbs is hard to say. I mean, Murray gave up a 1st for Campoli (remember that?) so it’s not out of the realm of possibiilty.

As for Ryan himself, I think he’s young with a lot of upside, and plays the style of gritty hockey that Murray likes. He might work with Spezz the way he worked with Getzlaf. But I don’t know if he’s the sort of guy you look to to make things happen on his own. Having said that, I’d trade a D-man and a high pick for him anyday – but only if he’s signed first. I don’t want to trade for a holdout.

From James

To Peter, Conrad

Peter to World: More Old Dudes! 😉  Just kidding…though i was titilated by the prospect of signing a good forward who will actually still be playing age in 3 yrs. I cant really front on the idea of Spezza feeding Ryan.

From Conrad

To: James, Peter

Would you guys do either of these rumored deals?

Kovalev, Weichoch and a 1st

Kovalev, Foligno

Seems a lot of people expect Kovalev to be shipped out. I don’t see that happening at all…

From James

To: Conrad, Peter

Brian Murray: Hello, Bob Murray please…yes, I’ll hold *holds for 2 and a half hours*
Bob, it’s Brian. Murray…M-U-R-R-A…right, exactly. Alright so, Bob, I know you have a
hot shot young forward rumoured for trade. Yeah, the Ryan kid. Listen, dont make the same mistake that Chiarelli made with Burke for Kessel…all that youth for more youth era is dead as….dead. No, Let me tell you Bob…the past is the future. Let me present to you, m’kay ready for this, a semi-engagued 37 year old coming off of a dreadfully inconsistent year…hold on, hold on, hold on I KNOW youre excited but let me just finish…a noted power play specialist who anchored one of the league’s worst power plays last year AND AND AND …because we’re blood…we’re Murrays…I tell ya what…I’ll throw in coming off of major knee surgery the status of which is vague if not unknown ABSOLUTELY FREE. Whats that? We’ll we want to make this happen too….hmmm alright, we’ll consider taking Hiller too…Look, I’ll think about it. I’ll put you through to Sheila and she’ll get started on the paper work.

From Peter

To: James, Conrad

coffee is for closers…

…Also I imagine Sheila looks like Joan Holloway. Amazing!

From James

To: Peter, Conrad

Funny you mention her sister Joan. She recently quit Sterling-Cooper and is at work reviewing the Kovalchuk contract.



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