2010.11.09: In which we watch our new favorite buddy cop show, “Butler and Locke: Binghamton Beat”

Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future. Inverted is my syntax.

James to Conrad, Peter

Hey Chicken Ceasars,

I know the Binghamton PizzaSalads arent the strongest hockey club in the sub-sphere, but you gotta take the good news when it comes…

Pretty cool! I threw Locke in there for good measure. I know he hasn’t got much of a shot in the NHL with his size and speed issues but you never know if he might get a grant; The Ryan Shannon Foundation or Klouston’z Kidz always get a couple games in the bigs toward the end of the year. Do you guys still want to check out that game against the bulldawgz at SBP? I think tickets are like…a non-perishable food item (joking btw).

Conrad to James, Peter

I know that I’ve been unreasonably excited about Bobby Butler, and maybe it’s because he signed as an undrafted UFA, we’ve only got him for a season or two, and I’d prefer we didn’t bury this Hobey Baker finalist in the minors while Ryan Shannon is too small to grind on the 4th line and not skilled enough to be a top six forward. But anyway…I’m excited about Bobby Butler. I thought he looked great in preseason, he’s a good skater with great hands – and a finisher – and Ottawa really lacks exactly that type of young, skilled guys. I like what I saw of Locke with the 67’s too, though I think he’s one of those players who translates from a top six forward in the A to bottom six in the N. And we’ve got about a million of those, especially counting the guys who are currently playing top six minutes and should probably be grinders. (Foliiiiiiiiiiigno.) Though, having said that, Locke is in a three-way tie for 2nd in AHL scoring right now. Which I believe qualifies as boss.

Speaking of Binghampton, who the hell is Barry Brust? He’s playing his brains out right now with a 2.44 GAA and 0.930 SV%.

I don’t have much perspective on this Atlanta game, though for me the Vancouver game later this week is hovering like one of those giant alien ships in Independence Day.

James to Conrad, Peter


Wow. Now THATS how you get me out to a game.

Note on Barry Burst of Fruit Flavours: Apparently when Lehner was called up to cover for Samuel L. Jackson’s character from the –shitty- movie Unbreakable, Brust played so well that the coaching staff was faced with a good problem of having a three-headed goaltending snake. It resulted in Mike Brodeur being sent to the ECHL Jackals …which stinks for Baby Bro’ but at least they are leading the ECHL standings right now so he’s joining a good team.


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